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  • Signing in and out

    Hi A little patience please, I'm just getting acquainted with Logos. One of the first issues I've encountered is the signing in/out process. I saw that it was discussed for Logos 4 but has this been reviewed for Logos 5? Essentially, what it comes down to is how do I sign out of my account and how to not have Logos sign in automatically? Thanks
    Posted to Logos 5 by Rob on Fri, Jan 24 2014
  • Re: Signing in and out and faithlife look ok for reading but my notes don't seem to be accessible. As for security well, I wasn't expecting that once logged in to Logos I would be logged in forever. Regardless of where the computer might be, even at home, the kids might decide to check out dad's computer.
    Posted to Logos 5 by Rob on Fri, Jan 24 2014
  • Re: Payment plan fee of $5 per month...really?

    Finally, someone who agrees with me! [quote user="Paul C"]They all want Martin guitars for the prestige. But soon learn Martins play like a 2x4 strung with barge rope[/quote]
    Posted to Logos 5 by Rob on Fri, Jul 11 2014
  • Logos 5 Massive Update Question

    Hi Will this new upcoming update be the 5.3 version that requires Mac users to upgrade to Mavericks? Thanks
    Posted to Logos 5 by Rob on Tue, Oct 14 2014
  • Re: Looks like Zondervan bought themselves some Bible software...

    This is really interesting news! I can't imagine HCC bringing Bible Gateway and Olive Tree under the same umbrella just for the fun of it. They must have a plan. Today's market is about light, mobile apps connecting to your data wherever you are so I could easily see Logos getting cornered into a niche if they are slow at reacting.
    Posted to General by Rob on Wed, May 7 2014
  • Re: The Future of Logos for the Mac User?

    Hi Rich, Can you tell us about your system OSX version, cpu, ram etc? Do you run other programs at the same time? Do you allow your program to search resources on line? It's try that Logos can take a while to search the library but the only time that I've experienced crashes is when I leave Logos running for days on end. It may crash when waking my
    Posted to General by Rob on Fri, Aug 8 2014
  • Re: Logos Bible Software (the company) = Faithlife Corporation (coming soon!)

    [quote user="Lynden Williams"] [Good job in explaining the reason. Sorry Jacob, the conspiracy theory people will not be satisfied. I predict they will complain that Logos is selling out, and the company being taken over by ...... [/quote] Haven't you heard?
    Posted to General by Rob on Wed, Jul 30 2014
  • Bible Study Magazine - Cancelled

    Hi For the record, I've recently cancelled my subscription to BSM. It's not so much because of the content, in fact, I'm not really sure what's in it because I don't read it. I had subscribed a couple of years ago and forgot to unsubscribe last year. Fortunately, I remembered just in time last week. The problem is, I can't read it. After two surgeries
    Posted to General by Rob on Thu, Mar 6 2014
  • Re: puddles are freezing!

    [quote user="Michael Childs"] 12 degrees! Can human life be sustained in such a climate? Come South my friend! [/quote] There are benefits to living in this climate
    Posted to General by Rob on Sun, Nov 9 2014
  • LogosIndexer and Download

    Is the LogosIndexer involved when doing an update/download ? I'm doing an update at this moment, 38% of 2.75GB. I paused the indexing when I started but I can see that LogosIndexer is still active in the background. It fluctuates between 0 and 98% of the cpu and it is still writing to disk. This on a MBP mid 2012 i7 8GB w/Mavericks
    Posted to Logos 6 by Rob on Mon, Nov 10 2014
  • Re: What are the plans for more Reverse Interlinears?

    [quote user="Bob Pritchett"]our emphasis right now is on foreign language translations[/quote] For me, English is a foreign language! . Thanks and happy saturday ....
    Posted to General by Rob on Sat, Nov 8 2014
  • Re: Logos 6 Mac Hanging

    [quote user="Gregory Scott Monkus"]Logos 6 on Mac (Mavericks) hangs[/quote] This week I been working on updating my macs before getting L6. The first mac is a late 2009 iMac with 4GB and CoreDuo, which was still running Snow Leopard (!) It's a development machine and I have been overly careful about breaking the environment (java, tomcat etc). It seemed
    Posted to Logos 6 by Rob on Sat, Nov 8 2014
  • Re: Why go from Silver 5.0 to Silver 6.0 - Whats to be gained?

    [quote user="JoshInRI"] "Delivering Insight".[/quote] Josh, did I read in one of your posts that you are studying to be a pastor?
    Posted to General by Rob on Sat, Nov 8 2014
  • Re: BUG: Logos staff don't know how to use twitter

    [quote user="MJ. Smith"] Has it occurred to you that the people n on a weekend trying to resolve the server problem are unlikely to be the people who have access to the business twitter account? Not saying there shouldn't be contingency plans to handle it ... just saying it is a post mortem issue. [/quote] I think they should address this and the other
    Posted to General by Rob on Sun, Nov 23 2014
  • Re: To those unhappy with Logos communication during outage

    Brother Paul, Things are not that simple. We are no longer in the age where only people with technical skills use computing devices. When my wife turns on her iPad she expects it to work and to see her stuff. She doesn't know anything about redundancy, or backups. Those things never cross her mind. How many people do you think are inconvenienced when
    Posted to General by Rob on Sun, Nov 23 2014
  • Re: Prepub stall

    They're going to announce that there will not be a Logos 7 but rather, they will now be offering a pure subscription service.
    Posted to General by Rob on Fri, Aug 5 2016
  • Re: NSBT Sale

    The problem that I have with the seeming reversal of things is that certain volumes were withheld from the recent NIC sales precisely because they had been on pre-pub.
    Posted to General by Rob on Sun, Jul 24 2016
  • Re: NIV Application Commentaries

    [quote user="Rick Ausdahl"] Here's a list of the NIVACs I've purchased so far. I know this sale ends soon. If you have any volumes not included in my list below that you would highly recommend considering, please share which one(s). A one-liner as to what you liked about it/them would be nice, but not necessary. [/quote] I haven't read through the entire
    Posted to General by Rob on Tue, May 5 2015
  • Re: Protestant dilemma points to Catholicism

    [quote user="Sean"] [quote user="Jack Caviness"] [quote user="Sean"]That's where your shilling for Rome belonged in the first place.[/quote] Interesting how someone rebuking another for violating forum guidelines would violate same guidelines themselves. Such personal attacks as this also fall outside forum guidelines. Those who live in glass houses
    Posted to General by Rob on Sat, Jun 20 2015
  • Re: Fantastic 80% discount on Gundry's Commentary on the NT

    [quote user="Tes"] God has raised many scholars throughout the time. It is completely false and un acceptable to claim a new revelation about the Bible what has never been seen up too now. I am just typing this with a grieved heart. [/quote] Brother Tes, I enjoy reading (some of these) scholars because they help you to define your faith. Once you've
    Posted to General by Rob on Fri, May 15 2015
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