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  • Re: Logos 8 中文版 for Mac

    你要click Logos>Preference, 在那裡可以選介面語言。選後要restart Logos.
    Posted to 中文 (Chinese) by Edwin Kwok on Mon, Dec 14 2020
  • CUV RVI broken?

    I just noticed that 中文聖經新標點和合本(上帝版)RVI is not working properly anymore. 1. In the NT portion, when you click a word, the RVI panel is not moving the portion of the text that should correspond to the clicked word. 2. Even when "corresponding selection" is ticked, the corresponding selections does not show on the English and original language bibles Is
    Posted to 中文 (Chinese) by Edwin Kwok on Wed, Apr 5 2017
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