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  • Re: Passage Guide Help: What Makes An Illustration an Illustration?

    I have the same problem with this source: It is showing up in the preaching guides on certain topics, but no in the passage guide, what I actually use most. But Richard brought me to the idea that I can create a new collection part in the passaguide, where it will turn up. I can try that
    Posted to General by Peter Drost on Tue, Jul 24 2018
  • Parent Node

    I continually get this error message: Line 1 (BibleWordStudy.html): 'parent Node' is undefined.
    Posted to General by Robert D. Kuest on Mon, Nov 9 2009
  • Re: Slide marker for Sermon document

    Great idea. I have missed it also, but now preach most of the times from my laptop. Then I see the slides too. But I would love to have this feature on the tablet app.
    Posted to Suggestions by Peter Drost on Sat, Jun 6 2020
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