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  • Re: SSD 128 or 240 with a SD card

    Installed the SSD drive installed Windows 8.1 on it did all the updates installed Logos, Office Etc and I already see an ridiculous improvement in performance. Logos came up and did the indexing which usually took minutes to do was done pretty much instantly this time. Thank you everyone for your wise advice.
    Posted to Logos 6 by Diego Lara on Wed, Mar 25 2015
  • Re: .NET Framework 5.4.2 download error

    Try running the following tools .NET REPAIR TOOL .NET CLEAN UP TOOL ( I would try this one and then try reinstalling again )
    Posted to Logos 6 by Diego Lara on Wed, Mar 25 2015
  • Re: Signed up now now I'm getting over 4GB of updates

    Ok that answers my question. Looks like it signed me up for the full premium version of Logos Cloud which added a lot of resource
    Posted to Logos Cloud by Diego Lara on Sat, Jun 13 2015
  • Re: License Agreement

    A Church member at the Church I attend was planning on purchasing Logos 6 with another church member. But I think the other member decided to go solo on it. First thing I thought was "mmm I don't think they can do that". I was going to say something but then found out one of them didn't want to share "I don't blame him". I have also heard from other
    Posted to Libronix (including Logos for Mac 1) by Diego Lara on Sat, Jan 17 2015
  • Re: How do I cancel an order?

    The easiest way is just to chat with a rep and have them process the refund. If you go to and go to any product area for example click on a "Base package" you will see the chat bubble on the right hand side appear. Click on that and chat with a rep. Here is a link to one of the base package that will have the chat bubble appear. https://www
    Posted to General by Diego Lara on Sat, Jun 27 2015
  • Re: Degradar de logos tesoro a logos estudio

    Si todavia estas dentro los 30 dias de garantia puedes hacer el cambio de Teroso a Estudio.
    Posted to Español by Diego Lara on Tue, Jun 23 2015
  • Downloaded Vysro and Noet - whats the difference?

    I use Logos for Android on my phone daily and today I downloaded Vysro has about 90 something of my resources that I have on Logos and Noet has about 2800 resources. So what is the point of having all 3 apps? Would having the Logos App be sufficient or is there a purpose of having all 3 apps on my phone?
    Posted to General by Diego Lara on Thu, Jul 2 2015
  • Re: Any good books on the rapture?

    Thank you! Looks exactly like what I was looking for.
    Posted to Logos 6 by Diego Lara on Sat, Aug 8 2015
  • Re: New Feature: Multiview Resources (Tool)

    I am enjoying this new feature. Possibly the best update in a while for the way I study the bible.
    Posted to Logos Now by Diego Lara on Mon, Sep 21 2015
  • Re: Monthy Subscription Starts with "Logos Now"

    I signed up for the free trial and I really like the web version. Looks like not all the features are available yet but based on the options I saw as "coming soon" looks like it will be similar to what the desktop application is. I hope it gets to the point where we can have more than two windows open. This would be great for those who own a Chromebook
    Posted to General by Diego Lara on Wed, Apr 8 2015
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