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  • Re: The future of Logos and Faithlife: Help us make the right decisions!

    [quote user="Scott David"] Perhaps Logos could have a "WEB" search button in the inline search and other search tools. In the settings you can choose your preferred engine (e.g. Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc). Perhaps a split pane that opens if the web button is chosen. One search, searching both Logos, and the internet -- if desired. [/quote] I like that
    Posted to General by MWW on Fri, Jul 26 2019
  • Re: Would it be appropriate to post a Logos 8 Training Manual on the Logos Forum?

    Count me in!
    Posted to Logos 8 by MWW on Sat, Jul 20 2019
  • Re: What Resources Do You Use For Application?

    [quote user="Randall Runion"]Which resources do you find are the most help in writing the Application portion of your sermons? [/quote]. Devotionals. I find using the Cited By tool to be very helpful. If I type in the scripture passage I am working from into the lookup box I can then find devotionals or illustrations that reference that passage. Quite
    Posted to Logos 8 by MWW on Mon, May 27 2019
  • Re: Does This Mean We Are Losing Our Free Original Starting March 1, 2019?

    [quote user="Michael_H"]1. I cannot locate any new resources added to my library on 1 Jan or 2 Jan[/quote] The same for me and I am a Faithlife Connect Essentials - No Library (Formerly Logos Now) subscriber. We’re we not invited to the party?
    Posted to Faithlife Connect (formerly Logos Now) by MWW on Sat, Feb 2 2019
  • Re: Logos. I give up.

    Sorry to hear of your frustration. I have a 6 year old Macbook Pro and find Logos 8 to be very speedy. I just did a search for "progressive dispensationalism" in all my resources (4,561 resources), 361 results in 134 articles came back in under 1 second. I am very happy with that.
    Posted to Logos 8 by MWW on Fri, Jan 25 2019
  • Re: Cut and Paste

    I agree that it would be helpful to be able to select and then copy to the clipboard, from many places in Logos. I would like to be able to select and copy from the Search Results page, from the Information Tool, from the Power Lookup, from the Bible Word Study Guide, from the Text Comparison Tool, etc. That would save a lot of time and the effort involved
    Posted to Logos 8 by MWW on Tue, Jan 22 2019
  • Re: SUGGESTION: Lookup passage as first/default command box option

    [quote user="Francis"]Currently typing a Bible reference in the command box and hitting enter will result in the command Open passages study layout to <reference>. It would be better if it opened one's preferred Bible to the reference instead.[/quote] I agree that the default enter key action should be to go to reference in preferred Bible.
    Posted to Logos 8 by MWW on Mon, Jan 7 2019
  • Re: Jimmy Evans Sermon Archive

    [quote user="DAL"] Does it have outlines? Or is it just one huge chunk of text manuscript with title only and zero divisions? Could you copy and paste a sample? [/quote] This is a reading view capture, appears to be just a manuscript with title.
    Posted to General by MWW on Wed, Dec 12 2018
  • Re: Conflict of Interest?

    [quote user="Into Grace"]A few people in this forum appear to worship at the altar of Logos.[/quote]
    Posted to General by MWW on Sat, Dec 1 2018
  • Re: Conflict of Interest?

    I find the Faithlife forums very helpful and I am grateful for those who contribute. If there are some who do receive some kind of discount or free materials... I am completely good with that. I seriously doubt that anyone is getting rich doing this. Having visited these forums for the last 11 years I see no conspiracy.
    Posted to General by MWW on Sat, Dec 1 2018
  • Re: Search for the "blood of Jesus Christ"

    Hi Tes, below I have copied and pasted relevant material from one of my Logos resources. Lesson 7—The Power of the Blood for the Individual, Family, and Nation The blood of Jesus is powerful. It protects, as in the case of the Passover blood protecting the children of Israel in Egypt. It purges away sin, as in the case of Jesus, the Lamb of God
    Posted to Logos 8 by MWW on Fri, Nov 30 2018
  • Re: No Outlines for Skip’s Sermons?

    Thanks for listening and answering Kyle! I typically use sermon archives in the latter stages of my own sermon preparation. I want to see how the author/preacher approached a scripture passage (outlines) and also in looking for application and illustration. If there would be a way to highlight or index the author's/preacher's illustrations that would
    Posted to General by MWW on Thu, Nov 22 2018
  • Re: No Outlines for Skip’s Sermons?

    I agree with Dal that Adrian Roger's Sermon Archive is laid out the best of all the sermon archives and I too am disappointed in the Logos layout of Skip Heitzig's sermons. They are difficult to navigate through to find relevant material. It reminds me of reading through emails that are too long to find the important information. In my estimation digital
    Posted to General by MWW on Tue, Nov 20 2018
  • Re: Sermon Editor or Personal Book for importing Word docs/docx?

    Thanks for the response and links! I think I will probably go with using the Sermon Editor to house my sermons. While it will mean more work initially to import them, the Sermon Editors continued development seems more likely than that of personal books and thus probably a better long term solution.
    Posted to General by MWW on Tue, Nov 13 2018
  • Re: Sermon Editor or Personal Book for importing Word docs/docx?

    Thanks Dal! I hadn't thought about how difficult it might be to navigate through hundreds of sermons in the sermon editor. And, jI hadn't thought about how they would/could appear on my mobile device. On the one hand my sermons would be available in my iPad via the sermon editor. But on the other hand they could be difficult to sort through. Presently
    Posted to General by MWW on Tue, Nov 13 2018
  • Sermon Editor or. Personal Book for importing Word docs/docx?

    I need some advice. I want to bring all of my sermons and lessons going back 25+ years into the Logos environment. That way the sermons and lessons will be searchable and available in the passage and sermon guides. All of my sermons and lessons are currently stored in Microsoft Word files, the earlier ones are in the doc format, the more recent are
    Posted to General by MWW on Tue, Nov 13 2018
  • Re: Home Page

    I want to interject my opinion here. I have to say as a Logos user since Logos 3 that I am not in the least bit disappointed with 8. I really like many of the additions and changes that have been to the software. Logos 8 is the cutting edge of Bible software and it has given us fantastic research and presentation capabilities. Sure there are things
    Posted to Logos 8 by MWW on Mon, Nov 12 2018
  • Re: Searching on the iPhone app is very frustrating to me.

    [quote user="Michael Childs"]First of all, I consider searching a basic function. A search icon should be visible among the icons at the bottom of the basic screen, not hidden the 7th item down on the other functions page.[/quote] I agree search icon should be top and center and should default to searching on the current resource. If current resource
    Posted to Mobile Reader Apps by MWW on Tue, Aug 21 2018
  • Re: Logos 8 on July?

    [quote user="doc"] If you say 2 years then it’s 2 years, the same month every two years. None of this redefining what two years means to justify a change. [/quote] IMHO "straining for gnats"
    Posted to General by MWW on Thu, May 31 2018
  • Re: Announcement: Logos Now to continue at same price (with new name)

    Great news! Confidence restored and your humility has challenged me to pray for FaithLife, which is something I have never done before.
    Posted to General by MWW on Sat, Mar 3 2018
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