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  • Re: 4K laptop for Logos?

    I bought a Lenovo Ideapad Y700 last December. Really good at gaming. I bought it for gaming and Logos, and it games better. They have an option for 4k resolution, and a 17" screen too. It did have a black screen bug that affected me, and I just did some troubleshooting, upgrading the BIOS, and upgrading the video drivers. Because of the material used
    Posted to Logos 7 by Ezra Miller on Tue, Dec 6 2016
  • Logos 7 Verbum package vs Verbum 7 Feature Set?

    I bought Logos Starter 6 last year. Been using it off and on, not hugely in depth as time management sucks for me. I'm wanting to either upgrade to 7, or start buying a set of commentaries. My question is why is the V7 Feature Set cheaper than either of the Logos/Verbum Starter packages? The Verbum feature set has dynamic pricing (55% off) available
    Posted to Catholic Products by Ezra Miller on Tue, Dec 6 2016
  • Re: NIV Faithlife Study Bible

    I think I saw it on Amazon or Christianbooks website....available to purchase now, but won't ship until February or March, I don't remember which one.
    Posted to General by Ezra Miller on Wed, Dec 7 2016
  • Re: My Big Concern about Logos future for ownership model

    There's no way Logos could afford to go subscription-only. Do you know how many users they would lose? I mean, look at Adobe. Their products used to be the best of the best. Now they're just normal. Why? Subscription based. I don't think Faithlife would do what Adobe did anyway. Who would pay a fee to rent Logos or Verbum every month when they could
    Posted to General by Ezra Miller on Tue, Dec 6 2016
  • $20 off from Faithlife. wondering what to do with it

    I am just a layman, not a scholar or anything. I mainly use logos on my phone for taking notes. In January I bought logos 6, and went with the the standard or base package. I'm not sure whether I want to upgrade to 7, which is affordable for me right now, or get a bible or commentary. I don't use a tablet for personal reasons, so I don't want to waste
    Posted to General by Ezra Miller on Fri, Sep 2 2016
  • Re: Linux version of Logos Bible Software

    DansGuardian is a great idea, but it's a pain in the butt to get going because of a really old package or sources are needed. I can't remember, but for some of us, when it comes down to having things our way or being faithful to God and my wife, I would rather stay faithful.
    Posted to Suggestions by Ezra Miller on Mon, Sep 5 2016
  • Re: Linux version of Logos Bible Software

    Anyone use Virtualbox lately? It runs things at normal or faster than normal speeds for me. Of course, I use the official Nvidia drivers and such.
    Posted to Suggestions by Ezra Miller on Mon, Sep 5 2016
  • Re: "Could not copy files to sd card" error

    Ok I got the bible app to work. I had vyrso installed as well. So I started vyrso and then reinstalled bible app and it worked. And all the reading plans appeared right too. Had to re-download everthing, but I am fine with that.
    Posted to Android Apps by Ezra Miller on Thu, Sep 15 2016
  • Re: Is there a way to speed up Logos?

    Just tried the second way. Much faster. Almost instant. Thanks for the idea.
    Posted to Logos 6 by Ezra Miller on Tue, Sep 6 2016
  • What are some good childrens' church/sunday school material?

    I've been helping off and on with a Calvary Chapel in Idaho, and it's been fun to interact and share the word with the little ones, but I am looking for something that would give some of the older ones something deeper, but still let the littler ones absorb material. Last week, we went through Acts 2, and I went through it using the NKJV. I tried to
    Posted to General by Ezra Miller on Sat, Mar 24 2018
  • Can't download videos

    Ok, new user of Logos. Really impressed with it, but I have a dilemma. I don't have constant internet, unless I go to the church, or my in-laws, which have really slow internet. I bought a couple of bible studies, which have some videos. I figured out how to tell Logos to download all the resources for the studies, but they aren't downloading. Is this
    Posted to Logos 6 by Ezra Miller on Wed, Dec 30 2015
  • Re: Logos 7 Sale

    Glad you said this. I have logos 6 standard and keep wanting to upgrade to 7 standard or bronze, but I don't really use logos on a regular basis. I would if I had an ereader for just logos. Tablets just throw more junk my way.
    Posted to General by Ezra Miller on Fri, Nov 3 2017
  • Good book on explaining Daniel 5 to Sunday School grades 1-3?

    Going to be teaching on Daniel 5 Sunday and am stuck on how to explain these things to the class. Is there a good book that has ideas for helping with explaining. It doesn't even have to cost money or be found on logos
    Posted to General by Ezra Miller on Tue, Jan 9 2018
  • Re: Best reading material

    Being one of those average Joes, I would recommend for those who want to go further in their walk, "Why Revival Tarries" by Leonard Ravenhill. There are a lot of good books, and a lot of good teachers/speakers/authors/pastors etc., but there are very few that hit me like this one did. I did some serious weeping and praying while reading this. There
    Posted to General by Ezra Miller on Fri, Dec 8 2017
  • Re: Mormon Leader Thomas Monson Dies at 90

    Why wouldn't you have debates on a website that is in the business of selling books on the subject of Christianity?
    Posted to General by Ezra Miller on Sat, Jan 6 2018
  • I'm not sure how to search through a book using search.

    This is my stumbling block for Logos. I can't search just in the book I have opened. I can pull up everything in my library, but not the book itself. Is there a way to do this?
    Posted to General by Ezra Miller on Wed, Jan 31 2018
  • Re: What happens to our library if faithlife goes under?

    If you are ultra paranoid of losing your library, but don't want to spend a lot of money, checkout I have been buying from them for the last 3 months. The reason? Cheap books. Something like under $4 per book. And then free shipping for orders over $15 and then each order earns you rewards for a coupon you can use whenever you want
    Posted to General by Ezra Miller on Sat, Feb 18 2017
  • Re: Family Christian Announces Plan for Liquidation

    Well, you have to look at their banking records as well. They had some troubles in 2012, and then from then on. Also look at their selection. The one in Boise had hardly any good books. A lot of Joel Osteen and other garbage. The only commentaries they had were J. Vernon Mcgee and Layman Bible Commentary Series.
    Posted to General by Ezra Miller on Wed, Mar 1 2017
  • Re: Invitation, please?

    I believe for Android...been so long since I made the switch to go into the play store where Logos Bible is, and then scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and it should say something about beta. OR, I might be wrong about it. Let me check my phone. OK, this might sound complicated but it's not. Hit Play Store app, then the 3 bar button
    Posted to Mobile Reader Apps (Beta) by Ezra Miller on Sun, Apr 9 2017
  • Re: logos on sshd

    I bought a Lenovo gaming laptop with the PCI-E SSD that some have mentioned. They are VERY fast. The bad part is that they are very expensive. I went with 128GB SSD. The difference between my Lenovo and my wife's old laptop is not that much after upgrading it to Windows 10. The differences though, when noticable, are noticable. It takes longer on hers
    Posted to General by Ezra Miller on Sat, Apr 22 2017
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