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  • Re: A proposal that benefits everyone

    For whatever it's worth I just talked with a Logos customer service rep (about another issue), but before hanging up I asked her about the status of BAGD. She told me that nothing will happen this year (I think she said because of licensing) but that if they choose to act on it the earliest would be next year. If so, we would see something in Pre-pub
    Posted to General by Paul G on Wed, Sep 25 2019
  • Re: Workflows

    I have tried adding several public workflows to my docs (in the software). None of them are showing up, though they are listed in my docs on the webpage. I find it strange too that when I view "Docs | Yours" there is no filter type for "workflow" or "workflow template" however when I view "Docs | Public" "workflow template" is an option for filter type
    Posted to Logos 8 by Paul G on Fri, Jan 4 2019
  • Re: Workflows

    Joey, Did the public workflows you saved to your docs ever show up in your software? I am having the same issue.
    Posted to Logos 8 by Paul G on Thu, Jan 3 2019
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