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  • Re: Search within Book Please vote for this to be included in a upcomming update, see the link above. :)
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Joe Horn on Mon, Apr 18 2016
  • Search within Book

    it would be nice to be able to search a book, while in the book instead of having to exit the book, hope it's in your recent read list, sometimes not if you haven't read it for long and then do the search. is this available? Am I missing something?
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Joe Horn on Sun, Apr 17 2016
  • Re: iPad Pro

    I received my ipad pro last week and I love it. Having it open and the bible in split screen is amazing. As well as being able to have pages open on one side and the logos software on the other. Love it more and move every day and happy with the purchases. Still use my smaller iPad for reading while in bed, but otherwise iPad pro all the way.
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Joe Horn on Thu, Nov 26 2015
  • Re: "504 Gateway Time Out" - Whilst trying to Log in

    Having the same problem here in the US. Can't log in on the app or the site.
    Posted to by Joe Horn on Sat, Nov 14 2015
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