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  • Re: Help massive & complete Encyclopedia on CP to production!

    bump! Ask Yourself: Do I want content = data? Will I go with things like base-packages or other bundled library additions where I pay for somewhat new content but spend multiple times more? Maybe You are asking how can a public domain work have any value? Like has been stated this product is from a time in history that will not repeat itself. It is
    Posted to General by Mikael S on Wed, Mar 7 2018
  • Re: Best way to experience Logos on the Go? (offline)

    Yes a small monitor will not be a good experience if You need to use Verbum AND for example chat or checking Faithlife store pages simultaneously. Optimal useful but not too large size in my mind is 13"-14", 1440 x 900 pixels, that is a lot more productive than the amount of pixels I have a lot of experience with: 1366 x 768. 768 pixels vertically makes
    Posted to General by Mikael S on Fri, Jul 28 2017
  • Re: 1GB+ DirectX11 Compatible Video Card

    Not in the long run, and AMD is probably faster than Intel Core i7-7700 which the OP mentioned in one post: [quote user="Dave Hooton"] The Intel i7 is fine whilst the new AMD CPU's are still not as fast as Intel, overall. [/quote]
    Posted to General by Mikael S on Thu, Jul 27 2017
  • Re: 1GB+ DirectX11 Compatible Video Card

    I would definitely go with AMD CPU equivalent, instead of Intel i7, i.e. not merely just AMD graphics. (CPU and graphics is not the same thing.) AMD CPU:s are more stable, a MUCH better investment-wise and perform better, particularly multitasking, so optimal for newest version of Logos. The current and forthcoming AMD CPU:s are very competitive once
    Posted to General by Mikael S on Thu, Jul 27 2017
  • Re: 1GB+ DirectX11 Compatible Video Card

    If You have an old computer I would worry more about CPU. Andrew 's reply is correct, memory on graphics card may get used up if You do like me and have hundreds of tabs open even on an old computer. I'm satisfied to run Verbum 5 and Libronix. /Unix
    Posted to General by Mikael S on Thu, Jul 27 2017
  • Re: Classic Studies on Apostle Peter - Twin Peaks - Where will it cross the line?

    I'll make a rare exception and contribute to disspell the ignorance, now, and state that actually the very best is that ALL bidders (as nowhere close to all will do this anyway) move their bids to $48 , including new bidders just putting in their bid - whichever point they had considered. If You want the reasons : 1) It WON'T make it at $48 but at a
    Posted to General by Mikael S on Thu, Jul 13 2017
  • Re: I bought Collector's first...

    OP , and those who want to contribute with great recommendations about commentaries such as for filling gaps (by sifting through You only need to think if there are any of those obviously missed out gems to later whether it adds to a few already well covered books of the Bible or those books of the Bible not yet mentioned in the thread): Check out Unix
    Posted to Suggestions by Mikael S on Mon, Jul 10 2017
  • Re: "You must be connected to the internet for this to succeed..."

    David Paul , does this mean the FTP-server is completely down (it was unclear to me as the word FTP was not mentioned in the discussion, I've been following by email subscription)? If so, would You consider mailing me Libronix-era resource files - i.e. the encrypted books as files, on a USB-thumb drive? I could pay You for the favour by Paypal. Don
    Posted to Libronix (including Logos for Mac 1) by Mikael S on Mon, Mar 20 2017
  • Re: Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity

    Unacceptable! I gave up from start, I knew other platforms would be slow but this took the back marker price. I got it in OT for their introductory price half off, they were very quick to deliver:[quote user="John Kight"]It only took 4 years!! [/quote] OT regularely discounts
    Posted to General by Mikael S on Fri, Jan 20 2017
  • Re: Help massive & complete Encyclopedia on CP to production!

    The new with the old. Yet another thread: The real Encyclopedia Br. is on CP (safer too) ... Be curious and look at it from an angle of what is valuable about it when considering bidding! Consider how complex searches You'll run in it compared to other available interfaces (DVD, the web), and the double-click! A fraction of us have read so much History
    Posted to General by Mikael S on Wed, Sep 14 2016
  • Re: Top Three Peave: Inactive Links

    It's about what the Talmud costs and the profit margin on it. I have this version: The Babylonian Talmud: Original Text, Edited, Corrected, Formulated and Translated into English (19 vols.) by Michael L. Rodkinson, it's from 1918. References to the Babylonian Talmud should point to this one, in my opinion! I got it at a fair price used in the Logos
    Posted to Suggestions by Mikael S on Sun, Jun 12 2016
  • Re: BDAG/BAGD confusion

    1) Is it realistic to, living in a small a bit distant country where English is not the first language of most people (besides that I'm not going to travel a lot), to look for and think I'll find some friend who is very interested in Theology/Exegetical work, who will perhaps co-author a book together with me? The person would not yet have to be on
    Posted to General by Mikael S on Thu, Apr 14 2016
  • Re: Retiring the Send-to-Kindle Feature on 3/31

    If I order a Kindle Paperwhite new now, I will have very little time to get it filled up with books. As I'm reading about some others doing this in batches - does that mean that is the only way to currently do it i.e. does it mean I wouldn't be able to do one big batch with everything I want to send to the Paperwhite? I know about the delay caused by
    Posted to Logos 6 by Mikael S on Mon, Apr 11 2016
  • Re: Black Authors

    Touché! Btw, I use both of the high-end softwares that have a selection of books: Accordance and Verbum/Logos/Libranix as well as that I have WS. I'm looking for if someone, not You George , can sell me a WordSearch DVD, preferably an old one, definitely 2010 or older.
    Posted to General by Mikael S on Wed, Mar 2 2016
  • Re: Faithlife Free Book - Discontinued???

    Does anyone want to sell me some of their Cambridge Greek Testament (CGT) - volumes such as the Mt -volume by Arthur Carr which was the first book offered for free in the Free Book program? Of a bit lesser interest also Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges which was a parallel series in the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Of definitive
    Posted to General by Mikael S on Mon, Feb 29 2016
  • Re: Reasoning with a gay/lesbian

    I can't remember taking an evidences class, but the other day I thought I should have taken one when I was young, I could have grown more interested at that point. Other things in life took over until five years ago. Because of practical circumstances, I should have started studying religion on my own by ordering more books. Instead I was thinking of
    Posted to Logos 6 by Mikael S on Mon, Feb 29 2016
  • Re: Bible translation review ... is a webpage with a comparison from some years ago, there are Bible versions until 2001 included. I differ on somewhat many points though, but this gives a clue. It's mostly passages from the Gospels. A somewhat revealing and detailed comparison. (Btw I still have the HCSB as hidden in Logos/Verbum
    Posted to General by Mikael S on Sun, Feb 21 2016
  • Re: In 2016 What is the priority order of your Top 10 Bibles in Logos and why?

    2016 prioritations as below, this is information remembered by heart - I do have a reading list with advanced prioritations: 1. 1971 RSV NT , the 1959 39-book OT being a lower priority and so far used mostly the 1952 Edition of the OT when reading the OT from it, because of availability. As You can see I prioritize it highly, this is a go to version
    Posted to General by Mikael S on Fri, Feb 12 2016
  • Re: Sell me Logos 7 today!

    Hi, Bob ! Thanks for asking for input regarding completely transactional ownership deals! I'll voice my opinion. Btw, I'm J Unix Cyklist, with my actual and active account I've posted 2020 times on the forums and have a very satisfactory library sans some language resources for which (and for several other things) I go to Accordance. This account I
    Posted to Suggestions by Mikael S on Tue, Nov 17 2015
  • Re: Do I need a dedicated graphics card?

    What is the monitor interface? DVI or VGA? I would suppose discrete graphics cards with both VGA and DVI connectors are getting hard to find and/or expensive, although I haven't checked that's only what I suppose. So having both interfaces in the discrete card would be an unnecessary expense if You would need a new monitor soon anyway. Can that specific
    Posted to General by Mikael S on Sat, Aug 29 2015
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