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  • Re: Logos 8 中文套裝建議

    感恩,謝謝回覆!我知道現在logos有功能可以在圖書館,個別隱藏單一的書籍資料,請問是否有這種功能可以一次隱藏所有簡體,或是繁體的書籍資料的功能呢? 因為我個人使用時,只會參考繁體資料,如果可以隱藏簡體資料的話,對於我在調閱書籍時會會比較方便。
    Posted to 中文 (Chinese) by Kuo-Yang Fu on Mon, Oct 29 2018
  • Logos 8 中文套裝建議

    我剛剛看了一下,中文套裝升級logos8的內容,真心建議應該將繁體與簡體的書籍,分成繁體套裝,與簡體套裝兩部分。因為當購買套裝的時候,應該不會有人願意花一倍的錢,同時買繁體與簡體的內容。如果現階段沒有辦法的話,也應該將價格的部分列入考量,因為現在的價格是繁體與簡體的價格相加。我個人認為不太合理。抱歉,只是想反映一下我的個人感受。 感恩。
    Posted to 中文 (Chinese) by Kuo-Yang Fu on Mon, Oct 29 2018
  • 每月免費書籍

    Posted to 中文 (Chinese) by Kuo-Yang Fu on Wed, Aug 1 2018
  • Re: SUGGESTION: Traditional / Simplified Chinese switch

    Then, may I suggest that in the future, the bundle package in Chinese (ex. 銅)can sell in either Traditional or simplified Chinese solely? Because I believe most user will only read one version of the book instead of both. It's useless and waste the money to get the same book with both language.
    Posted to 中文 (Chinese) by Kuo-Yang Fu on Sat, Dec 24 2016
  • "Chinese Bronze" pre-order question

    Hello, I have a question about the "Chinese Bronze" pre-order. I own logos Gold 7 standard package now. For my understanding is that "Chinese Bronze" package is logos 6 package. I would like to know that after the chinese bronze package release, what will happen for my current package? I know for resource part I will get some Chinese resources. But
    Posted to 中文 (Chinese) by Kuo-Yang Fu on Tue, Aug 30 2016
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