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  • Re: Original Languages Library

    [quote user="Dave Hooton"] [quote user="Michael Miles"]I certainly appreciate your help, Ken, but I no longer own that Original Languages Library... My first Logos library came on floppy disks, which I still have. I have the CDs for the Logos 3 Original Languages Library here that are Libronix [/quote] There is a Biblical Languages package but you need
    Posted to Logos 6 by Michael Miles on Wed, Nov 11 2015
  • Re: "Resources are ready to be added to your library" prompt will not go away

    I'm having this same issue take place on my Mac. I do not have any base package, but am rather just using a few Logos resources with the core engine that I installed today. How would I go about enabling the logging and then getting at the log file so I can spend my day fixing logos rather than studying? Thank you, Michael
    Posted to Logos 6 by Michael Miles on Sun, Jul 3 2016
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