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  • Re: Suggestion: Add the works of D. Martyn-Lloyd Jones

    Thanks for the link, James. Great to see the Ephesians series and the other titles offered by Crossway. I hadn't seen these before because I was looking for Banner of Truth publications, notably The Romans Series, and also Studies in The Sermon on the Mount. Am I missing them somehow?
    Posted to Suggestions by Bruce C on Wed, Jul 31 2019
  • Suggestion: Add the works of D. Martyn-Lloyd Jones

    The works of D. Martyn-Lloyd Jones, renown for his powerful expository sermons, is sadly absent from Logos. Wouldn't it be great to have his collections of expository messages in the Logos system where searches could bring up his insights on the many messages that he carefully exegeted and explained?
    Posted to Suggestions by Bruce C on Wed, Jul 31 2019
  • Suggestion: Atlas tool needs real travel distance calculations

    Currently the Atlas tool allows the user to measure the distance between two points. The problem is that the distance is measured in a straight line, "as the crow flies". This isn't very helpful considering people normally travelled overland on foot or possibly by horse/mule. For example, with the CNTRL+Drag option in Logos maps, the straight-line distance
    Posted to Suggestions by Bruce C on Wed, Jul 31 2019
  • Re: Logos has "an error occurred during synchronization" icon

    @Wesley Crouch, I'm having the same problem. Strangely, it's only happening on one of my laptops, and not the other; both running Windows 10, both connected to the same internet connection, and both with the same internet settings in Logos. There's a red exclamation point on the sync indicator icon in the upper right with the mouse-over message "An
    Posted to Files by Bruce C on Fri, Jul 19 2019
  • Feature request for Android Phone: Please give the option to put Logos Resources on SD Card

    Now that a new Logos Bible App for Android is out, I have a request: Give users the option to move Logos Resources to the phone's/tablet's SD card memory. Currently, the Logos App puts everything on the Phone or Device memory, and it hogs up the memory. I have to severely limit what resources I install. I have a tablet with 6 GB of device memory, but
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by Bruce C on Thu, Jan 3 2019
  • Failure to install updates

    Upon notification that updates were available, I initiated the update and it failed. Several times. I got the following, less-than-enlightening, message: "The installation of Logos Bible Software did not succeed."
    Posted to Logos 7 by Bruce C on Fri, Jun 29 2018
  • Re: Universal Windows App on Community Pricing

    The idea of a Logos Windows Phone App has been out there for over 2 years now, and nothing has moved. It's obvious that the the folks at Logos and Faithlife have determined that the potential customer base doesn't justify its development. That's too bad. I really like the Windows Phone, but there's virtually nothing available for Bible study tools.
    Posted to Windows Store Apps by Bruce C on Sun, Apr 23 2017
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