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  • Please Bring Back Old Books

    Please bring back BADG (2nd Edition) it is still a staple in my school! Also, these Greek texts as they are used for modern versions. it will help me in critiquing a translation. NA27 GNT4 not sure if any modern translation used NA28/GNT5...
    Posted to Suggestions by Goh Yong Li Samuel on Mon, Aug 12 2019
  • Suggestions for Desktop and Mobile App

    For Desktop please add dark mode (reading in the night is no joke) For mobile please allow ability to use tablet/phone processor to search/preview link verses etc (faster that way) and save money when I am in a foreign country. iOS has the ability to see lexical data when I press and hold on a word. Please make it for android too also for tablets, please
    Posted to Suggestions by Goh Yong Li Samuel on Mon, Aug 12 2019
  • Re: Does the $330 ipad work well with the logos app?

    I am using ipad pro 10.5" version. For reading it is the best. For detail study, maybe laptop/desktop OS still is better software still has some bugs. 1. scrolling down the book/text sometimes you find that it stops scrolling. "like it hit a wall" (close app, wait for a while, open app, problem solved) 2. highlighting of words/phrase. sometimes it highlights
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by Goh Yong Li Samuel on Mon, Aug 12 2019
  • Re: Is Logos 8 coming out soon?

    I am also waiting for Logos 8 to come out... as it is not worth it to pay for new feature set every version... so I would skip a version or two more often than not, 50% of the base package won't be used... I hope there is a specific base package for exegetical work, with various grammars and lexicons along with various sources that are recommended.
    Posted to General by Goh Yong Li Samuel on Sat, May 19 2018
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