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  • LOGOS Version question

    It seems like the LOGOS version get's updated fairly consistently but does anyone know if all upgrades are truly upgrades. So if I am looking at buying LOGOS at version 8, might it be better to wait to see what is planned for version 9? If you are a LOGOS 7 LOGOS 8 a must have? Some software companies have varying degrees of updates &
    Posted to General by Joe Colby on Fri, Aug 7 2020
  • Re: On the fence...

    Thanks, Great Points
    Posted to General by Joe Colby on Sun, Jan 5 2020
  • On the fence...

    I am considering buying Logos 8 Gold or Silver (not sure yet). But I don't know if I should wait for LOGOS 9? I would hate to buy 8 and then have to pay extra for better features. Anyone have comments who maybe bought into LOGOS a while ago...have the upgrades been a frustration/cost point? Maybe I'm making too much of an issue of this. I just don't
    Posted to General by Joe Colby on Sun, Jan 5 2020
  • Wait for 8 ?

    Thinking about getting Logos 7 but it seems like 7 has been out a bit. I don't want to purchase 7 if 8 will be out soon and then have to spend more to upgrade. Any thoughts? I am sure others have run into this "upgrade" dilemma.
    Posted to General by Joe Colby on Tue, Feb 27 2018
  • Re: Should I wait ????

    Thanks everyone for the information and help, but now another question has come up from Justin's comment. Do I even need to look at a Logos base package or should I just subscribe to Logos Cloud? It sounds like the monthly fee is reasonable and if I get all the features of Logos without having to purchase a base package it might be a great way to try
    Posted to General by Joe Colby on Fri, Jan 15 2016
  • Should I wait ????

    I want to buy LOGOS 6 but all the comments I have seen comments about LOGOS 7 coming (not sure when but it's coming). Should I just wait until version 7 or get 6 and pay for the upgrade ?
    Posted to General by Joe Colby on Sat, Jan 9 2016
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