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  • Re: BUG: Cannot copy and paste from my notes to Pages (or Word)

    Hi Have Logos and 'Word' open at the same time. Use your mouse to highlight the text you wish to copy from your Notes. Use Logos menu bar (File, Edit etc) and chose 'Edit' - 'Select all'. Use Logos menu bar and chose 'Edit' again - 'Copy' Click on your 'Word' document. Use the 'Word' menu bar (File, Edit etc) and chose 'Edit' then chose 'paste' That
    Posted to Logos 6 by Eric Mapp on Sun, Nov 2 2014
  • Re: More problems with the new Logos 6 intro website

    The 'normal' (!) Logos website is still down. I want to check on my orders but cannot access the site. When I try to find out about Logos 6 I am told someone will call me and I must leave my telephone number. I live in Australia; do Logos staff work shifts? A bit more information on costs of various packages would be very useful.
    Posted to by Eric Mapp on Mon, Oct 27 2014
  • Re: Closing Book in Ipad App

    Thanks for that; I wondered if I had done something the wrong way! I figure if you are with Good then all the doors will be clearly marked. I'm trying to catch up on being a Christian before I run out of time! Grace and Peace
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Eric Mapp on Sun, Sep 11 2011
  • Re: Closing Book in Ipad App

    Hi all I had the same question and it appears to have been answered. However, I find that the small grey circle remains in the corner. Should it do this? Thanks in anticipation
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Eric Mapp on Fri, Sep 9 2011
  • Re: Lectionary readings

    Thanks for your quick reply. Problem solved! We have a saying that goes something like "when all else fails, read the instructions!" Following your reply I did a search and found out what to do. Thanks again. ! will probably be back with more questions! Grace and Peace Eric
    Posted to General by Eric Mapp on Mon, Aug 29 2011
  • Lectionary readings

    Hi all I have the scholars edition and find it very useful. However, I live in Australia and notice that the lectionary readings are different to those found in the version I use. I;m not talking about year a, b and c; I'm talking of quite different readings. Is there any way the program / engine can be modified to give Lectionary readings for the Uniting
    Posted to General by Eric Mapp on Sun, Aug 28 2011
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