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  • Re: Journals in Logos?

    Another program which is a favorite of many is Evernote. The web site is: You might want to check out the "battle of the desktop notetaking apps between Evernote and OneNote at:
    Posted to Libronix (including Logos for Mac 1) by Michael Hatcher on Tue, Jun 23 2009
  • Re: Adopt forum software that allows posting/reading from NNTP

    [quote user="Thomas C. Black"]Right now I notice that the "Posts you have not read" link will show me the posts I've not read but they don't jump to the spot where I last finished reading. In other words with a 50 thread post it appears that I'll have to start again at the top and try to remember which one's I've already read and navigate to it. I should
    Posted to Suggestions by Michael Hatcher on Tue, Jun 9 2009
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