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  • Re: books regarding Amillenialism

    Best amill commentary Greg Beale: Revelation: New International Greek Commentary
    Posted to General by Phil Tuften on Tue, Jul 11 2017
  • Re: Comparison of different traditions ?

    Gooddney question But what do you mean by tradition? My background is Evangelical Sydney Anglican, therefore theologically I do not side with High Church Anglicanism, nor Middle Church Anglicanism but with broad spectrum Evangelical theology. However, being Anglican, I hold to some central beliefs that hold all Christians together who profess an Anglican
    Posted to General by Phil Tuften on Tue, Jul 11 2017
  • Mobile Ed Subcription

    Could someone please clarify the mobile Ed. subscription: is it $50 per month and I can do any Moblie Ed courses I like, or is it $50 per month and can do nominated courses. I am interested in Language and Advanced courses, I do not know if the subscription would cover these. In addition, I do not need to own them, as I have limited disc space available
    Posted to General by Phil Tuften on Sat, May 27 2017
  • Re: Gold or Silver plus WBC

    Don't forget your original language resources NA28 etc along with up to date Lexicons such as BDAG and Halot Gold and Silver do not contain these.
    Posted to General by Phil Tuften on Mon, May 15 2017
  • Apollos Commentaries

    Suggest the Apollos OT commentaries published by IVP
    Posted to Suggestions by Phil Tuften on Fri, May 5 2017
  • Re: Resource recommendations for Isaiah

    For an easy guide see (Conservative Evangelical) B Webb Message of Isaiah Bible Speaks Today IVP A Motyer Isaiah Tyndale Old Testament Commentary A Bit more Challenging A Motyer The Prophecy of Isaiah IVP (different work from the former more advanced) John Oswalt The Book Of Isaiah (2 Vol) NICOT Eerdmans
    Posted to General by Phil Tuften on Tue, Apr 11 2017
  • Help with EBC

    All, I recently purchased the EBC, but I have a problem. The problem is when I open the Bible via the GO To Box, it does not always open, it quits the program. This only happens with Exodus 37 as far as I have noticed. I have attempted to open selections from the NT and other OT books, and logos accomplishes this, with a list of commentaries. Any ideas
    Posted to Logos 7 by Phil Tuften on Mon, Mar 20 2017
  • Sermon Central link in Passage Guide.

    Just wanted some wisdom on the status of Sermon Central in the Passage Guide. Working on Philemon, and the link is only bringing up two sermons both non-english. Is there still a problem with the link? If I search Sermon Central using the Sermon Central search feature I numerous hits. Anyone know if there is still a bug with this? Leaving you in God
    Posted to General by Phil Tuften on Wed, Dec 21 2016
  • Re: Logos for Self Study Seminary

    I have Gold, but for a M.Div I would supplement with several volumes Languages BDAG/HALOT for Greek and Hebrew New Testament, it depends on where you study and what you use. Gold has The Pillar series, which forms a good basis for further study although it is not a complete series yet. The Pillar series is conservative, and at some point, a student
    Posted to General by Phil Tuften on Sat, Nov 12 2016
  • Re: NIV - 1978 Version?

    Stephen, long time no see heavy accordance user, supplement accordance with some logos items. The Niv 78 was one of the first modules I picked up as I am a church that uses it, so have to preach from it. catch you around Leaving you in God's Care and grace
    Posted to Suggestions by Phil Tuften on Wed, Sep 7 2016
  • Re: NIV - 1978 Version?

    Logos sells the 1984 version, as an Anglicanised version, since the 2011 has not been made into a version for the British market yet. I have it and use it all the time, still available on the logos website if you can live with British spellings
    Posted to Suggestions by Phil Tuften on Tue, Sep 6 2016
  • Re: Recent L6 purchase does it count towards L7 upgrade

    Question about the phone only deal. I bought a base package Logos 6 a couple of weeks ago. I would find it very hard to phone. Live in Sydney Australia. Will they accept web communication, because of the time zone difference. Thanks
    Posted to General by Phil Tuften on Wed, Aug 24 2016
  • Re: Datasets

    Thanks trying the Cloud option
    Posted to General by Phil Tuften on Fri, Jul 15 2016
  • Datasets

    Hi new here, Question: I see in the store various datasets, like the Preaching Dataset for sermon links. Can this be bought and used with the core engine? I am a heavy Accordance user and supplement my Accordance library with titles in Logos. At this stage looking at either a cheap base package or cross grade. Wanted to try out the data set before I
    Posted to General by Phil Tuften on Wed, Jul 13 2016
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