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  • Re: Receipt

    [quote user="ChadBresson"] Last night I downloaded a couple of commentaries from this site. Since my printer wasn't working, I didn't bother to print the transaction details that showed up in the window of my Libronix. How do I retrieve the "receipt" or transaction report after the fact? "My Account" shows no record of the transactions. I need the receipts
  • Re: How much have you spend on Logos?

    [quote user="Paul Golder"] [quote user="Quipper"]You know, Jerry, it's truly not actually necessary for any of us to have more than a good version of the Bible in our own language in order to preach the whole counsel of God.[/quote] Wilbert Webster White (father of the inductive Bible study method, and founder of the Biblical Seminary in NY) was quoted
  • Kindle - Google

    We Canadians cannot figure out why we do not have access to Kindle and Kindle books. Whatever! Copyright? Whatever! Doesn't really affect me greatly although I know lots on this forum appreciate their Kindles.... Now, I read about new competition to Kindle and Sony and Whoever ... It's our old friend (?) - Google! Over against our mutual interest and
  • Re: So, Is It Shipping Today or Not?!

    Did you get your e-mail??
  • Re: So, Is It Shipping Today or Not?!

    [quote user="Scott Fulks"] I have downloaded the books to Libronix/Resources and then opened Libronix to Synchronize. Books don't appear in Logos. Am I missing a step? [/quote] Peace, Scott ... Did you download from your accounts page (my orders) (order history) at There is a section that says Unlock and Download ... That's what I did and
  • Re: So, Is It Shipping Today or Not?!

    I rejoice! *smile* I have it! Just looked at my e-mail. Downloaded it. Checked to see if it was indeed in my Libronix! It was! ... so synchronised it ... .......... Peace and Joy in Christ .... ...... Mel
  • Re: Google Wave Bible study group?

    [quote user="Kevin A. Purcell"] I signed that site when it first was reported long ago and still no invite. If you are waiting till there are enough people to have a decent sized community you may be waiting a long time. I just set up a forum that I am going to be using for a group of local ministers. But you are welcome to join us. http://biblestudy
    Posted to General by Milford Charles Murray on Thu, Oct 15 2009
  • Re: Question regarding John 2:1-11

    [quote user="WilliamAAnderson"] Here's another interpretation from the historical redemptive perspective: The miracle of the water turned into wine fulfills O.T. anticipatory prophecies about the messianic age, which is described in terms of a feast with wine (Jer. 31:12). John wants us to know that in
  • Re: Question regarding John 2:1-11

    Peace! Looking forward to replying ... But, today is booked in until late, late, late ... will respond tomorrow or soonest! *smile* Yours in Christ, Mel
  • Re: Question regarding John 2:1-11

    [quote user="Michael"] Hi, Christian As Allen said, without meaning to stir up a hornet's nest, I would like to reply to a sincere question: The Marriage Feast of Cana When one reads Mark 8:14-21, it becomes apparent that Christ’s miracles have meaning, and that meaning can only be found allegorically. Both objects and numbers can have significance
  • Re: Question regarding John 2:1-11

    [quote user="Allen Browne"] Hi Christian. I hope this reply is not too off-topic, or promote too many diverse views. But you asked a searching question about how this revealed God's glory, so here's something you may like to consider. When the Word became flesh, God was tabernacled among us (1:14.) The tabernacle (and later the temple) was the place
  • Re: Question regarding John 2:1-11

    [quote user="MJ. Smith"] [quote user="Milford Charles Murray"]why would a person with a non-liturgical background have to connect this event to Epiphany rather than the beginning of miracles?[/quote] Good question ... but how did they come to be put together liturgically? I'd say it by looking at the connections between the various events deemed important
  • Re: Question regarding John 2:1-11

    [quote user="MJ. Smith"] [quote user="Christian R. Proano M."]regarding the Lord's first sign[/quote] First sign? Okay, I'm lost again. You are asking about one of three events called "epiphany" (1) the magi (2) baptism of Jesus and (3) miracle at Cana. If you follow the meaning of "epiphany", the relevant attribute is divinity i.e. a theophany of sorts
  • Re: We Love Logos...

    [quote user="AaronJackson"] Some time back Logos had a huge sale on some of their merchandise. It turns out the system was only suppose to allow one of each item, but they honored my order anyway. Here's a picture of my boys sporting their Logos gear... [/quote] Peace to you! And Joy! *smile* Absolutely great picture! Thank you so much for sharing it
  • Re: Annoyed with myself ... Can you help?

    [quote user="Don"]At the top of the web page click "edit". Click on "Site Options". Scroll to the bottom of the page, find "Send Email Notifications" and select "No". [/quote] A great big fat Thank You to you and Jerry, Don! ... *smile* Yours in Christ, ..... Mel
  • Annoyed with myself ... Can you help?

    Peace and Joy! *smile* About a week ago, somehow I clicked on an e-mail option here in the forums .... can't remember where .... Now I get every post by e-mail and feel that I don't appreciate that option at all :-( But I am annoyed that I don't know how to stop it - to cancel the e-mails ... If someone could point me in the right direction, it would
  • Re: How to keep the RSS feed from "reloading"?

    [quote user="Kevin A. Purcell"] Wish I could help, but let me make a suggestion. Outlook is one of the worst RSS readers around. If you disagree, then ignore my suggestion and I won't feel bad. But if you agree that it is a little bit of a pain, then let me recommend Google Reader. Very nice and there no matter what computer you are using. You can export
  • Re: PBB Alert: The Fatherhood of God

    [quote user="WilliamAAnderson"] A PBB of Robert S. Candlish's book, The Fatherhood of God , is available for download Bill [/quote] Peace and Joy to you, Bill! *smile* It seems that I find myself saying "Thank You" to you quite often! *smile* You have enriched the life of me and many Logos Users for sure! With your various sharings
    Posted to Files by Milford Charles Murray on Sat, Aug 29 2009
  • Re: Alpha Church Fathers Index 08/29/09

    [quote user="George Somsel"] This update takes the index through NPNF 2nd, vol IV and includes Athanasius. 6683.Alpha Church [/quote] Peace to you, George! And Joy! *smile* Just a big "Thank You!" to you for all the efforts and the many hours in the past and just recently that you have laboured in order to provide this tremendous resource
    Posted to Files by Milford Charles Murray on Sat, Aug 29 2009
  • Re: Missing Lou-Nida Gloss in NA27

    [quote user="Pam Larson"] I noticed today that my NA27 (file LOGOSNA27.lbxlls) provides the Lou-Nida gloss up through Philemon. Starting with Hebrews the gloss disappears. What happened? Do others have the same thing with this resource? [/quote] .... and mine!
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