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  • Re: What Mac do I need to run Logos fast?

    Obviously, you need a ... Sorry. I couldn' hep muhself.
    Posted to General by JRS on Fri, Mar 9 2018
  • Twice the Error Reporting dialog box disappeared ... so I'll report the error here

    There is an ACCS Romans volume and an ACCS Romans (Revised) volume. I believe there is some confusion in reporting which is which on the title pages and in the Information panels. Nothing earth shattering but certainly confusing. ACCS Romans : ACCS Romans (Revised) :
    Posted to General by JRS on Mon, Mar 5 2018
  • Re: Reducing Size of Appdata directory

    [quote user="Andrew Batishko (Faithlife)"] It's not entirely what you want, but if you've had access in the past to resources that you no longer have access to (for example, preview resources from Logos Now), you can run the command delete unlicensed resources to remove the resources files that you no longer own. Just enter that command in the command
    Posted to Logos 7 by JRS on Sun, Mar 4 2018
  • Re: Reducing Size of Appdata directory

    Might be handy if FL would give us a housekeeping tool to periodically clean out any unnecessary buildup in the Logos directories. Run it either manually or on a schedule, and either a light cleaning or aggressive.
    Posted to Logos 7 by JRS on Sat, Mar 3 2018
  • Re: Optimizing Logos 7 for Speed?

    Don't forget the Optimizing Logos Performance article in the support pages (it's the same info for Windows and Mac).
    Posted to Logos 7 by JRS on Wed, Feb 28 2018
  • Re: Optimizing Logos 7 for Speed?

    For Windows: Set use Ngen to Yes See here for one of the discussions on this topic. Note that this must be rerun every time an update is installed so it is easiest if you create an link/icon. It is a noticeable speed improvement.
    Posted to Logos 7 by JRS on Wed, Feb 28 2018
  • Re: I Simply Do Not Understand Anymore

    Perhaps , instead of subscription, they should consider an á la carte offering of feature/data sets? One would only purchase/rent the ones they truly want/need.
    Posted to General by JRS on Sat, Feb 24 2018
  • Re: Important Information about Faithlife Connect and Logos Now

    Chris, Just curious ... what is the significance of 11/12/18? Why was that particular date picked? Something to do with the rollout of L8?
    Posted to Logos Now by JRS on Fri, Feb 23 2018
  • Re: Introducing Faithlife Connect

    Here's a challenge to all of those who are so terribly upset with Faithlife and their pricing scheme: Go and assemble, say, a single Passage Guide of comparable Logos-quality using only the tools and means of a mere thirty years ago (I realize that many are too young to relate to this but the challenge is still applicable to you). In other words, take
    Posted to General by JRS on Thu, Feb 22 2018
  • Re: Timeline additions and David Rohl

    [quote user="Christopher Kou"] ... David Rohl ...[/quote] Exodus: Myth or History ?
    Posted to Suggestions by JRS on Sat, Feb 10 2018
  • Re: Oceans Become Like Cesspits

    Perhaps ... 5 Behold, saith the Lord, I will bring plagues upon the world; the sword, famine, death, and destruction. 6 For wickedness hath exceedingly polluted the whole earth, and their hurtful works are fulfilled. The Cambridge Paragraph Bible: Of the Authorized English Version (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1873), 2 Esd 15:5–6. (depending
    Posted to General by JRS on Thu, Feb 1 2018
  • Re: Logos 7 update failure due to no driver for Windows 10 update

    I never rely on Microsoft or a computer manufacturer to supply up to date drivers. Often a manufacturer simply ignores the updates since the computer works with the drivers it came with - and to keep them updated requires a lot of expensive overhead. If they do supply them, they are usually late and only provided in order to fix a major problem. Thus
    Posted to General by JRS on Thu, Feb 1 2018
  • Impressive

    It's been a while since I took a good look at the mobile app. It always seemed rather clunky with a not very satisfactory ui. Nevertheless, I have always kept the latest beta on my phone even tho I rarely used it. This evening I decided to give it another look/try. I must say it has improved dramatically! It certainly is packed full of features, options
    Posted to Mobile Reader Apps by JRS on Tue, Jan 23 2018
  • Re: End Times - God wants to save man from disease & death.

    Sorry. No sale. John 10:4-5 p.s. This forum is graciously provided by FaithLife Corporation for the promotion and support of Logos Bible software and associated products only.
    Posted to Suggestions by JRS on Mon, Jan 22 2018
  • Re: OT: Just for PC Planning, the Intel Issue

    ExtremeTech suggests that it also affects ARM cpus but probably not AMD. It may only affect pre-Haswell chips. The article's conclusion is probably the best advice for now, "Right now, the list of what we don’t know is longer than what we do. There are implications for cloud vendors and developers across the entire spectrum where ARM and x86 are
    Posted to General by JRS on Wed, Jan 3 2018
  • Re: OT: Just for PC Planning, the Intel Issue

    First impression: Class action lawsuits will be filed before the end of the day.
    Posted to General by JRS on Wed, Jan 3 2018
  • Re: Android Device not compatible

    [quote user="Robert M. Warren"]... cram all their bloatware ...[/quote] Pardon the hijack ... use BK Package Disabler Pro to easily and quickly disable any unwanted bloatware or any Google/Samsung/Carrier apps. No need to root the phone or tablet. One can even disable/remap the Bixby button, if desired. For $2.49 it's one of the best purchases one can
    Posted to General by JRS on Wed, Dec 27 2017
  • Re: OT: FWIW

    [quote user="Keith Pang"] I'm confused on what you are trying to say [/quote] Sorry. Not sure what you are confused about but in my haste to post these two Off Topic links that I assumed might be of interest to the general readership of this forum, perhaps my writing was a bit too oblique. The first article from Atlas Obscura simply highlights ancient
    Posted to General by JRS on Tue, Dec 19 2017
  • OT: FWIW

    1) Charlie Bucket [of Willy Wonka fame] wasn't the first to find a Golden Ticket , or, Yet another ancient attempt to access Paradise - but not by the narrow gate. 2) Modern news about Ephesus ' ancient, silted harbor.
    Posted to General by JRS on Mon, Dec 18 2017
  • Re: Please Pray for RC Sproul

    Now, when they were come up to the gate, there was written over it in letters of gold, “Blessed are they that do His commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city” (Rev. 22:14). Then I saw in my dream, that the Shining Men bid them call at the gate; the which, when they did,
    Posted to General by JRS on Thu, Dec 14 2017
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