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  • Re: Over $300 for L7 Features? Really?

    [quote user="Batman"]I can try it for several months at about $10 a month[/quote] Dear Batman: It was recently [this month]announced that Monthly Subscriptions will all terminate in December. By 2017 ALL people in Logos Now are now to be Annual . Sorry "Robin" ?
    Posted to Logos 7 by SteveF on Sat, Aug 27 2016
  • Re: GOLD - Missing NIGTC Romans Volume?

    [quote user="David Carter"]or does the Gold package not actually include the Romans volume for some reason?[/quote] It only recently came off of "pre-pub" Therefore they sometimes wait a bit after that to include these types of resources.
    Posted to Logos 7 by SteveF on Mon, Aug 22 2016
  • Re: WHERE are the Release Notes to

    Found one here on the Beta Forum
    Posted to Logos 6 by SteveF on Fri, Jul 8 2016
  • WHERE are the Release Notes to

    There are reports on the Forums of it down-loading, and I have a suspiciously large download awaiting. Are there any release notes as of yet?
    Posted to Logos 6 by SteveF on Fri, Jul 8 2016
  • Re: John MacArthur Treasury (50 vols.) - Dynamic Pricing?

    [quote user="Brian Hollifield"]I was wondering if there was any chance of getting dynamic pricing on the following product:[/quote] [quote user="Brian Hollifield"]John MacArthur Treasury (50 vols.)[/quote] [Phil Gons on another thread: ] Unfortunately, we won't at this time be able to offer any other
    Posted to General by SteveF on Thu, Jul 7 2016
  • Re: Personal Book tagging with Language Code

    [quote user="Sascha John"]In my Personal Book I get this Error[/quote] Sasha: Thanks for sorting through this. While using Word 2010 I too had to recently re-set some Hebrew [which for some reason had been tagged as "Arabian" etc] to Hebrew. Your suggestions from Bradley helped make it right. Thanks again.
    Posted to Logos 6 by SteveF on Sat, Jun 25 2016
  • Re: Steve has entered Paradise

    [quote user="steve clark"]Steve has gone to be with our Lord.[/quote] Thank-you Josh for sharing this news with us. I too appreciated Steve's creativity and caring through his participation on these websites and the many helpful tools that he not only created but gladly shared. Regards
    Posted to General by SteveF on Sat, Jun 18 2016
  • Re: FL: Please make Logos 7 a worthy alternative to Logos Now

    [quote user="Mark Barnes"] The online-only features that I think are unlikely to make it into Logos 7 are: Media Browser [/quote] that is sad, as that was the only thing that I was hoping to have in L7
    Posted to General by SteveF on Thu, Jun 2 2016
  • Re: Display Issue: Random words being italicized.

    [quote user="David Thomas"]who is Frances S. Adeney and why does his name appear in the author's bio for Let the Nations be Glad ?[/quote] According to Faithlife, Frances is a woman , professor and writer:
    Posted to Logos 6 by SteveF on Mon, May 16 2016
  • Re: A difficult search for me.

    [quote user="Graham Criddle"]Difficult as there is a lot of speculation about the early (pre) history.[/quote] Rich, because of Graham's helpful comment, you might be better to use Abraham as your starting point? You need a definite point where there is some sort of [outside] "recorded" history to have any type of guideline. All the best in the search
    Posted to Logos 6 by SteveF on Thu, Apr 28 2016
  • Re: Is this a good price?

    That's probably the cost to outfit the team of "sled dogs" to deliver to you in Canada?
    Posted to General by SteveF on Sat, Apr 9 2016
  • Re: Update You Kindle

    [quote user="Denise"] I sure hope you don't have to gather your own hay for your bricks. [/quote] " I love bricks " Signed: Little piggie #3
    Posted to General by SteveF on Wed, Mar 9 2016
  • Re: Autosave

    [quote user="Zak Metz"]That's cool, but that's not "automatic.[/quote] Ah ... understood. Sorry, am not aware of any option. Except in that "Layouts" "dropdown" at the top right of the desktop the software does save "continually" It is not a "reminder" but at least you do not have to churn through the History tool.
    Posted to Logos 6 by SteveF on Wed, Mar 2 2016
  • Re: Autosave

    [quote user="Zak Metz"]What if there were an option to autosave a layout?[/quote] There is. [quote user="Zak Metz"]I would like to either automatically "update active" layout with the changes I've made[/quote] Type "update active layout" into Command window. Drag that command to the shortcut bar. Then at any time just click on it and the current layout
    Posted to Logos 6 by SteveF on Wed, Mar 2 2016
  • Re: Pre-Pub Changes

    [quote user="Denise"]I didn't loose a single one.[/quote] Neither did I. With at least 1200 Pre-pubs still remaining they still are REALLY just "Community pricing." 1200 AFTER the "purge." [And there are still about 480 Community Pricing candidates that have so far escaped the latest "purge."]. How can anyone keep track of that many? It was not too
    Posted to General by SteveF on Mon, Feb 22 2016
  • Re: Package Upgrades

    Posted to General by SteveF on Sat, Feb 13 2016
  • Re: MVP 20,000+ Thanks to MJ

    [quote user="Steve"] [/quote]
    Posted to General by SteveF on Tue, Feb 2 2016
  • Re: Farewell, Dave Kaplan

    [quote user="Everett Headley"]Dave is no longer at Logos[/quote] Dave, I also appreciated your help [some years ago] Take Care. Thank you for your caring spirit. SteveF
    Posted to General by SteveF on Wed, Jan 6 2016
  • Re: Canadians What Is Your Purchasing Strategy

    [quote user="SineNomine"]With the higher USD, less stuff is worth it to me, even at a good discount.[/quote] And don't forget the necessity for at least paying the first 25% up front. Unless it is one of those .99 cent specials [$1.40 CAD] I will have to stay on the sidelines. But I will enjoy buying some Christmas gifts for my grand-children at "Canadian
    Posted to General by SteveF on Thu, Dec 17 2015
  • Re: Dave Hooton reaches 20,000 posts

    Thanks Dave ... going all the way back to the pre - Forum "news groups [whatever they were called back then] !
    Posted to General by SteveF on Sat, Nov 14 2015
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