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  • Logos Library is Amazing, Mobile use is not.

    I really like the library Logos / Faithlife have brought together, it is probably second to none. But the untethered mobile version of this wonderful library is little more than a book reader. I know someone will protest and say it is way more than just a book reader, but it is also way less than it is when it is connected to the internet. There may
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by NRHJohn on Thu, Nov 1 2018
  • Re: Best way to experience Logos on the Go? (offline)

    As a member of both the Apple and Microsoft communities I can say there is sadly no Awesome experience if you are on the "go" as the full Logos 7 experience is not well supported in a touch environment. I may get some push back from others, but I have a surface Pro and it runs Logos great as long as I am using a mouse or trackpad. Fold the keyboard
    Posted to General by NRHJohn on Fri, Aug 25 2017
  • Unconnected mobile app use - passage guide ability

    I have a wonderfully large library in Logos and an ipad with plenty of space, yet I frequently ind myself in church or at camp with no connectivity and a now less useful app. The iPad has a very capable processor that does amazing things in other apps without the internet so I ignorantly theorize Logos should be able to do more than it does when you
    Posted to Mobile Reader Apps by NRHJohn on Wed, Jun 7 2017
  • Re: iOS Reader Suite 5.16.0 Beta Release Notes

    How do you go about getting an invite for TestFlight?
    Posted to Mobile Reader Apps (Beta) by NRHJohn on Wed, Jun 7 2017
  • Re: Works of Jonathan Edwards 10 Volumes

    Your email said anyone... So as it were I fit that bill. I have no information about the 10 volume set, nearly signed up as interested and would buy if available.
    Posted to Reformed Products by NRHJohn on Mon, Jun 12 2017
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