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  • Re: Searching on lemma

    I open a Bible passage. e.g. ESV and select a word Then with "right click" get the menu, click on Lemma, and click on "Search this resource": That seems to give the correct search arguments, but the result is zero: Hope this is clear.
    Posted to Logos 5 by Mark Hale on Wed, Apr 17 2013
  • Searching on lemma

    I have Logos 5 bronze base package. When selecting a word and choosing lemma search brings up no results, does that mean that my base package is too limited? Do I have to upgrade to get this feature to work? I am following the exact example as given in the DVD What's new from MP Seminars.
    Posted to Logos 5 by Mark Hale on Tue, Apr 16 2013
  • Location of files

    With Logos v3 I kept my resources on a drive E. Now I have the impression a large number of files are stored on drive C. I am not sure if that includes the resources. The index file (> 1 Gb) is there. - Is there any way to determine where these files are stored (and will that imply re-installing the software? - Is there any way to add the other resources
    Posted to Logos 4 by Mark Hale on Sat, Mar 6 2010
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