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  • Re: Christianity Today, 2009, Volume 53, Numbers 1–12 temporary download

    No, I think you have the right to add to packages as you see fit. It would be another thing if I spent money on a package and then you remove key resources I paid for. If you don't want it, it would take less time to remove it by hiding it than it takes to wine about it here.
    Posted to General by Richard Jones on Mon, May 28 2018
  • Re: World English Bible?

    You can copy and paste it into a DOC file and then import it into Logos as a personal book since it is public domain. If you wanted it to sync you would have to and some Computer language statements before and after the text. Once you do one verse you can copy and paste it into the next verse. I did a few chapters of John. It me about an hour. I guess
    Posted to Suggestions by Richard Jones on Thu, Nov 24 2016
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