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  • The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible

    I recently purchase a cope of the Dead Sea Scrolls Bible in English. I have noticed that there are missing sections in the Book. Jubilees, 1 Enoch and Esther have no content at all. Also the Bibliography section at the end has no content as well as the front sections including, Title page, contents, introduction and so on all the way down to How to
    Posted to Logos 8 by Steve Caswell on Wed, Nov 20 2019
  • Birthday Coupons

    Does Logos still give a $20.00 birthday coupon? My birthday has just passed a couple of days ago and I realised that I didn't receive a coupon this year. Also I transferred a number of research papers and sermons that I wrote to personal book resources in Logos. I can't open these anymore. I am simply told that I don't have a licence for them but that
    Posted to General by Steve Caswell on Mon, May 7 2018
  • Library resources on Android apps

    Do all resources that you own work on the android apps. I own the Wycliffe Bible Commentary Old and New Testament. I cannot access them on my I phone or my tablet device. Do these resources work on these formats? Do I have to download them? I can't even see them as available in my library from the cloud. Thanks for your assistance. Steve Caswell
    Posted to Android Apps by Steve Caswell on Sat, Feb 18 2017
  • Library Resources Discrepancy

    My old computer crashed on Saturday and I went out and bought a new one. After reloading Logos 7 from scratch which I must say went very well I discover a discrepancy between the count of resources updated and the count shown in my library. It says 2,143 resources were updated whilst my library count says 2,032 resources. I own Logos 7 Bronze and previously
    Posted to General by Steve Caswell on Sun, Oct 16 2016
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