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  • Re: Kindle App vs Logos App

    As for the first part, I usually have two copies of my book side by side so I can swipe sideways between them. That may mess with reading progress but I've been using "Add to Favorites" for that lately.
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by Brian Evans on Fri, Dec 20 2019
  • Re: Unable to close Note menu.

    Yes, if the horizontal axis of the note payne is compressed too much (either by moving the deviders in L8 or compressing the whole internet window in Firefox/Chrome) the sidebar opens and cannot be closed. I usually run into this on a three vertical column layout because that is when horizontal space is most limited but I confirmed that it also happens
    Posted to Logos Notes by Brian Evans on Sat, Jul 27 2019
  • Unable to close Note menu.

    If the Note window is too narrow the menu opens and cannot be closed reducing the already limited space available. I generally run Logos in a three panel arrangement with Bible, Notes, and Commentary and resize the windows as needed for my current focus. If the size of the Note window is compressed too much the three bar menu opens and cannot be closed
    Posted to Logos Notes by Brian Evans on Fri, Jul 26 2019
  • Re: Notes changes are not retained

    I've run into a similar problem for at least the last two Logos versions on windows and the current web app. I'm mostly copying commentaries and anchoring into my bible with note icons. Highlight commentary, [Ctrl-C], add note, [Ctrl-V], highlight bible, add anchor. A couple of months ago I got to Church and found none of my notes appeared when I hovered
    Posted to Logos Notes by Brian Evans on Sun, Jul 21 2019
  • Re: Noet to be discontinued? still seems to direct to noet though. That's were I've been picking up 99c literature.
    Posted to Noet: Scholarly Tools by Brian Evans on Thu, Jul 18 2019
  • Re: Price Issues with MM Collections

    I've noticed a number of collections like this. Look at the list at the bottom under More details for the titles with stars. My collection for 2 Timothy says I have 4 new books but there are 5 with stars. In my case the missing volume is which is part of a collection own one volume of. Is there
    Posted to General by Brian Evans on Fri, Mar 1 2019
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