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  • Re: Looking for info regarding a symbol in the Faithlife Study Bible

    The icon described above indicates a link to LBD. The first two inline links in the screenshot go to articles in Lexham Bible Dictionary (LBD); the last one ("Second Temple period") is a glossary term. All other links (outside of Bible references, ancient works, and links to other notes) follow the prose in bullet list style.
    Posted to General by John D. Barry on Fri, Jun 3 2016
  • Re: FSB should be called the FaithLESS Study Bible

    Thank you for the feedback on Faithlife Study Bible. I am sorry to hear that a few of you would not feel comfortable endorsing it. In general, the sentiment that this type of discussion is not well suited for the forums is correct, since this discussion is in the realm of "theological debate." If you email us at , we will read your
    Posted to Faithlife Study Bible by John D. Barry on Mon, Jul 29 2013
  • Re: FSB logic ... or lack thereof ... as cause of embarassment

    M.J., thanks for pointing this out to us. We could have phrased this point better. This word study is now on the docket of entries we will take a look at again prior to the next release of Faithlife Study Bible.
    Posted to Faithlife Study Bible by John D. Barry on Mon, Apr 22 2013
  • Re: Abraham: Following God's Promise

    In addition, we have included with all Studies in Faithful Living Complete Church Curriculum packages the slide background for regular text slides. It's part of the Additional Downloads section on the product pages. (Links to these files also came with your Thank You for Your Order email or recently when we released the Jacob: Discerning God's Presence
    Posted to Proclaim: Church Presentation Software by John D. Barry on Mon, Apr 22 2013
  • Re: Studies in Faithful Living Patriarchs Collection

    Floyd, sorry for the confusion. We're actually releasing Joseph and Jacob very soon for the Studies in Faithful Living: Patriarchs Collection, for those that have ordered that collection--there are just a few last-minute details to finalize and then it will be released. As soon as the two resources are done, we will release them for everyone who has
    Posted to General by John D. Barry on Fri, Mar 15 2013
  • Re: BAD LINK in Lexham Bible Guide: Genesis 12-50

    For those who purchased Lexham Bible Guides: Genesis Collection, we have already unlocked Lexham Bible Guide: Genesis 12-50. For those who pre-ordered Lexham Bible Guide: Genesis 12-50 on its own, the release date is 2/14/13. (Since we still have to process orders for the single volume, and have a few other admin items to handle, the release date for
    Posted to Logos 5 by John D. Barry on Mon, Feb 11 2013
  • Re: Lexham Bible Dictionary

    Whenever we make major article updates (significant additions or new articles), we post on either the Faithlife blog ( ) or the Logos blog ( ) --that's where we will tell you about what's been added. If you don't see a post from us there, that means the update you just received involved a few corrections
    Posted to General by John D. Barry on Fri, Jan 25 2013
  • Re: Lexham Bible Guides: Paul’s Letters Collection (13 vols.)

    My apologies for the confusion. This is a rather unique scenario. The entire collection of Paul's Letters is still gathering interest, as you observed. Things are looking very promising for us creating the entire collection, but that will ultimately be determined by the amount of pre-orders--we still need more at this stage. In the meantime, we will
    Posted to General by John D. Barry on Wed, Nov 21 2012
  • Re: How to Save Yourself Hundreds of Dollars

    Thank you for your feedback. I have no doubt that Logos Bible Software is capable of helping you do the kind of work shown in Lexham Bible Guides. Logos Bible Software is, among many other things, capable of saving you time. You all have different reasons for making your purchases with us, but saving time is one reason customers often cite. We took
    Posted to General by John D. Barry on Mon, Nov 19 2012
  • Re: Studies in Faithful Living Patriarchs Collection: Complete Church Curriculum (3 vols.)

    Floyd, because of the way pre-publication orders are processed, I'm afraid you will have to wait until 12/5 for Abraham to arrive. If you have an immediate need for using it, though, feel free to contact me directly at
    Posted to General by John D. Barry on Thu, Nov 15 2012
  • Re: "The Bible in Seven Acts" pre-pub...

    [quote user="Carmen Gauvin-O'Donnell"] I see this is "Act VI"... are Acts I-V already available? If not, can we get them too? I'm kind of confused because this looks like a pure Logos-developed product...? It looks and sounds like a great resource! [/quote] Currently on pre-pub is Act VI of the series only--we're going to see how this volume is received
    Posted to General by John D. Barry on Wed, Sep 26 2012
  • Re: EEC James just downloaded

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. As Will pointed out, the Commentaries Bibliography was omitted by mistake. It will be incorporated in a download soon.
    Posted to General by John D. Barry on Mon, Sep 10 2012
  • Re: Lexham Bible Dictionary

    Regarding the question about the bias of Lexham Bible Dictionary, the answer to that is that "there isn't one." Now, there is no unbiased interpreter, but we do our best to present only the facts, and in doing so work to have as little bias as possible. If you feel we missed some viewpoints in our presentation of the information, please let us know
    Posted to General by John D. Barry on Fri, Aug 31 2012
  • Re: Lexham Bible Dictionary

    Thank you for the feedback regarding Lexham Bible Dictionary. The Lexham Bible Dictionary is a growing resource--in fact, we're working on an update now--so your feedback is much appreciated. You can email us any thoughts or concerns at Regarding, the Romans article, we're reviewing it again and expanding it. Regarding the specific
    Posted to General by John D. Barry on Fri, Aug 31 2012
  • Re: Bible Study Magizine Back Issues

    George, I'm afraid we're sold out of the Jan-Feb 2009 issue--we don't have any copies available. I'll look into the Sept-Oct 2010 issue for you and reply via email.
    Posted to General by John D. Barry on Mon, Aug 20 2012
  • Re: Bible Study Magazine! Great!

    I'm glad to hear that you all are enjoying Bible Study Magazine . We are currently offering Bible Study Magazine only in print to encourage people to subscribe to the print version. However, we have plans to make the archive available digitally down the road. --John, editor-in-chief
    Posted to General by John D. Barry on Tue, Nov 8 2011
  • Re: Preview the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary

    Nice catch. Thanks. --John
    Posted to Logos Blog by John D. Barry on Tue, Mar 22 2011
  • Re: When will I get my Bible Study Magazine

    Joye, We just pulled a mail list for Bible Study Magazine . Your first issue should arrive within two weeks. Feel free to get in touch if for some reason it doesn't: 1-800-875-6467 or --John
    Posted to General by John D. Barry on Wed, Mar 9 2011
  • Re: logos 4 bible study mag

    We are currently only offering Bible Study Magazine in print since we want to encourage people to buy the print edition. However, we do have plans to make back issues available for Logos. Bob said in a blog post, "For the digerati among us who've given up on print and read everything from a screen, we'll eventually have the magazine content available
    Posted to Suggestions by John D. Barry on Mon, Nov 22 2010
  • Re: Bible Study Magazine reviews at

    What a great idea. It would be fantastic to see reviews of Bible Study Magazine from all of you great forum contributors at Help us get more people into the Word! --John, Editor-in-Chief of Bible Study Magazine
    Posted to General by John D. Barry on Fri, Sep 17 2010
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