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  • Re: Your Library is Indexing - Stuck at 0%

    I have a Macbook Pro and so I was glad that the solution was not Mac or Windows specific. I was able to use this link to learn more about how to rebuild the library books index and all other indexes with this link: I typed Option+Command+L for my Mac ( Alt+D for PC) to get quick access to the Command Bar. Then
    Posted to Logos 8 by Mark Main on Sun, Dec 23 2018
  • Search Preferences Account Settings for site

    Please provide default Account Setting Preferences for searches to include &locked=no&pageSize=60 as optional/selectable default settings. and please increase the page size to at least 120.
    Posted to Suggestions by Mark Main on Fri, Feb 16 2018
  • Provide a Show 'New To Me' selection for all multiple book collections

    Please provide a show 'New To Me' selection for all collections that have multiple books. There are many times where you do not offer this and it's difficult to tell if the $37.66 " Dynamic Sale Price" out of Reg. $289.99 is really a great SALE or simply the fact that I own all of them but one that sells for $37.66, or perhaps $39.99. It's really difficult
    Posted to Suggestions by Mark Main on Wed, Sep 21 2016
  • HCSB Smooth Scrolling

    on my Macbook Pro Logos 5 most of my books seem to have a smooth scrolling as I scroll up or down, but I notice that the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) does not, it is page scrolling, which is for me a very frustrating way to read books. Is there any setting that I can do to fix this? If not, can this be on a list to offer this feature? Thank
    Posted to Logos 5 by Mark Main on Wed, Jul 30 2014
  • DLS Object Models

    I'm looking for any code examples that would help me get started teaching myself how to use the DLS Object Models that you've provided. I want to write some VBA Code in MS Word and Open Write that will let me insert Bible Text with some kind of a field reference or comment, or something, so that I can ultimately change the default Bible Translation
    Posted to Logos 4 by Mark Main on Sun, May 9 2010
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