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  • Re: Logos 8.7 Beta 1 (

    So... I want to select some text and just hit my keyboard shortcut to apply a particular highlight style, but can't anymore. The menu pops up immediately, and the keyboard shortcut appears disabled.
    Posted to Logos Desktop Beta by Ben on Fri, Jul 19 2019
  • Re: JI Packer help

    I think that's it! Thanks!
    Posted to General by Ben on Tue, Jul 16 2019
  • Re: JI Packer help

    No, but thanks! The article itself isn't available online. I only found the title in a footnote somewhere. I'm in the midst of writing my dissertation proposal, and have so many paper and electronic books around me right now, I have no idea where I might have seen it. I just remember googling and it wasn't available anywhere.
    Posted to General by Ben on Mon, Jul 15 2019
  • JI Packer help

    A few weeks ago, I came across an essay by JI Packer, talking about the balance between human and divine in the Bible. It's published in one of his Collected Shorter Writings volumes, but now I can't recall or find the essay title, and don't have access to the books. Any help? Thanks in advance
    Posted to General by Ben on Mon, Jul 15 2019
  • Re: Need a new MacBook for Logos 8

    I haven't read comments, so forgive if there's redundancy. The keyboard is due for an upgrade, on refreshed Macbook Airs later this year, and Pros next year. You'll get better performance out of a larger SSD than a smaller one; they just add more cells of a certain size (say, 16Gb) to
    Posted to General by Ben on Wed, Jul 10 2019
  • Re: Second "demo" account? Sub-account?

    Is there a way to "share" a few purchased items to that account? I'm assuming not, but I don't want to rebuy Mounce for $30, for example.
    Posted to General by Ben on Mon, Jul 1 2019
  • Second "demo" account? Sub-account?

    In August, I'm going to be doing a 4-hr (really 4x1-hour) presentation over the course of four days on "Understanding the Bible by putting the Text in Context." My audience will consist of interested laypeople, probably 99% LDS. Among other things, I'm going to model how you can use Logos to jump from English directly into a lexicon. Now, is there a
    Posted to General by Ben on Mon, Jul 1 2019
  • Re: NEW30 Sale is Fantastic!

    Tell me more about this sale?
    Posted to General by Ben on Wed, Jun 26 2019
  • Re: Translation of Gen. 1:1...scholars know better.

    Look up Holmstedt, "The Restrictive Syntax of Genesis 1 1" Vetus Testamentum 58 (2008) 56-67
    Posted to General by Ben on Tue, Jun 11 2019
  • Re: iOS 13 beta 1

    Thanks for going where others of us fear to tread, James! (I'm traveling for the next 8 weeks or I'd do it myself.) Todd, I hope Logos will support iOS automatic dark-mode switching for Logos reading :)
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by Ben on Tue, Jun 4 2019
  • Re: SUGGESTION: Jewish Concepts of Scripture

    Agreed. More Benjamin Sommer please!
    Posted to Suggestions by Ben on Mon, May 27 2019
  • Re: A modern Mormonism collection, from Oxford Press, Eerdman's, and others

    I would add a few more titles to a responsible, scholarly Mormon Studies collection. These have all been published since I wrote the original post, and represent a selection from academic, peer-reviewed authors. Oxford Press Teryl Givens, Wrestling the Angel, Foundations of Mormon Thought: Cosmos, God, Humanity Givens, Feeding the Flock, Foundations
    Posted to Suggestions by Ben on Thu, May 23 2019
  • Robert Alter on Bible translation

    So, you know I want Robert Alter's books, ALL OF THEM . And have for years. Besides his completed Hebrew Bible translation and commentary , he has a new book out on Bible translation , which I would also love to see in Logos.
    Posted to Suggestions by Ben on Mon, May 20 2019
  • Re: Time-based search feature

    But do any of these actually let you search by “last accessed”? Can you select a number of unrelated books in the library and say “search these?” you’d need to make a collection, and then delete it.
    Posted to Suggestions by Ben on Sat, May 18 2019
  • Time-based search feature

    It happens to me all the time, that I will say "shoot! I was just reading something about this last week! Where the heck was it in my library?" And what I remember will be too vague to search on without getting 1000s of hits. BUT... what if you could use Logos' history as a search limiter? That is, run a search limited to the resources opened in the
    Posted to Suggestions by Ben on Fri, May 17 2019
  • Re: Change Needed for Upper End Tablets!

    " if your new iPad is as good as a computer why haven’t Apple installed their own operating system as used on their computers." It's not just a question of RAM and chip frequency, but chip design. Apple builds their own ARM chips for the iPads, iPhones, etc., but Intel is in the desktops/laptops. So the traditional OSX isn't technically designed
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by Ben on Thu, May 16 2019
  • Re: iOS Reader Suite Beta Release Notes

    Uh, page not found?
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by Ben on Wed, May 15 2019
  • Feature request/issue with current setup: two problems with font sizes and changing them

    Two requests First, I have my BHS/SBL Hebrew open all the time on my 10.5 iPad. I find that when the Hebrew is the right size, the English in my other tabs is too large, and when the English is the right size, the Hebrew is too small. I'd like to be able to adjust them independently, or have the Hebrew increased in size relative to English. Second,
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by Ben on Tue, May 14 2019
  • Re: Robert Alter, Finally Complete!

    It's additions like Alter that increase Logos' academic credibility (and "referrability") for those of us who spend more time with academics than pastors.
    Posted to Suggestions by Ben on Tue, May 14 2019
  • Re: Second display

    Note that Apple is strongly rumored to be building this capacity into the next version of OSX. It should be announced on June 3, beta shortly thereafter, and released to the general public in September. I've used two of these programs, and they're always laggy and buggy, so I look forward to having built-in capability of it.
    Posted to General by Ben on Tue, May 14 2019
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