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  • Re: Note Tags

    I'm a big "Me too!"on this one. Essential feature, IMO.
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by Simon Bale on Sun, Jun 2 2019
  • Can Logos list the tags used across all resources?

    I am a long time user of tags in all kinds of contexts, not just Logos. I have begun using tags in Logos 7, and wonder if there is a way of showing a summary of all the tags used in the whole app, across all resources, so that I can ensure I have some kind of reasonable pattern and plan to my tagging? I might use a tag like 'soteriology', for example
    Posted to Logos 7 by Simon Bale on Mon, Apr 1 2019
  • and Evernote

    I'm trying to incorporate reftagger into a site that is built through the framework. I've inserted the reftagger script in all the usual places (i.e., to begin with before the </body>) as well as less usual places, but nothing works on the final loaded web page. Has anyone else out there experienced this problem? Thanks, Simon
    Posted to Faithlife Reftagger by Simon Bale on Tue, Aug 7 2018
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