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  • Re: Does Anyone Know of a Resource That...

    Here's one I searched: Roman Catholics and Evangelicals
    Posted to General by Daniel NM on Tue, Mar 26 2013
  • Re: shortkey "remove annotations"

    Mac: Shift-Cmd-K Win: Ctrl-Shift-K You can also select and right-click on the highlight and choose "remove annotations" from the context menu.
    Posted to General by Daniel NM on Wed, Mar 13 2013
  • Re: Logos not responding

    Welcome to the forums, Miguel. From what I observed on my computer with Logos 5, the program will run somewhat sluggish while it's indexing your library of books, resources until the indexer finishes the process.
    Posted to Logos 5 by Daniel NM on Thu, Feb 21 2013
  • Re: Bible Search Bar ( error 404)

    [quote user="Phil Gons"] Thanks for alerting us to the dead link. We'll get that properly redirected. The page you want is , which has a newer version that works with, our replacement for [/quote] Thank you, Phil. The new plugins will work well.
    Posted to by Daniel NM on Wed, May 30 2012
  • Bible Search Bar ( error 404)

    The page at results in a 404 error. (Probably since the former bible.* site now redirects to I have seen the Logos Bible Search Bar on various Logos-owned web sites, such as . I was hoping to add the same to my web sites, but clicking the "Add this to your site
    Posted to by Daniel NM on Tue, May 29 2012
  • Proclaim Remote (Android app)

    I have installed the beta version of Proclaim Remote on my Android device. I have noticed that there is an updated version in the Market, but when I try to install it, I see the error "package not signed correctly." Is there an alternate download location, or should I patiently wait for that issue to be fixed?
    Posted to Proclaim: Church Presentation Software by Daniel NM on Wed, Dec 14 2011
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