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  • Change Manuscript Hover Info

    Hey everyone! This is a long shot, but is it possible to change the hover information which is displayed when I mouse over a manuscript reference? Specifically, when I mouse over a manuscript number in the NA28 apparatus, I would like to see more of the full info available in the NT Manuscript Explorer (Type, textual categories, etc). Is that possible
    Posted to General by Joshua H. on Fri, Apr 12 2019
  • Two Searching Questions

    This may be the wrong forum for this, and if so I apologize. I have two quick questions about searching in Logos, both specifically regarding a project i am working on now: Is there a way to search for every time Gentiles are mentioned or the theme of Gentiles is discussed in the book of Luke? I figured out how to search for the word Gentile specifically
    Posted to Logos 7 by Joshua H. on Mon, Jun 11 2018
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