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  • Re: Prices on Morris Proctor-200.00 price tag!

    [quote user="Jim VanSchoonhoven"] I agree that John's materials are very good, but I also have done work with Morris Proctors videos and they taught me more in less time. A person must decided how far they want to go with the program and how long they want to take to get there. For myself working it was worth far more to spend the extra money for the
    Posted to Logos 4 by Pastor Michael Huffman on Fri, Apr 1 2011
  • Re: Who is Jesus addressing

    [quote user=""] I was thinking the same...old school (sort of). Sometimes one can get to tec and not see the wood for the trees [/quote] Paul, Is there a particular passage that you are starting with?
    Posted to Logos 4 by Pastor Michael Huffman on Mon, Apr 11 2011
  • John 8 again and p66 and p75

    I have read a lot of good comments. One thing that I would be interested in hearing everyone comment on is this: We all agree that there are textual proof that dilutes this from the original; however, how would you preach this and keep your Church confidence in the verbal plenary inspiration of Scripture. We could go into the textaul variants, but the
  • Re: Make the ESV Reverse Interlinear available for purchase outside of the base packages

    Have you considered the payment plan? It would cost you about $58.00 per month for about 9-12 months. Talk to Dave Kapplan at Logos for more information. Tell him Michael Huffman sent you! God Bless!!!
    Posted to Suggestions by Pastor Michael Huffman on Wed, Jun 24 2009
  • Re: Tips for makeing Logos run faster

    Logos has always had problems with speed in their searches; espcially when 3.0 came out and when you do a syntaxsearch or word study search it was very low. I had an HP 1.6GHZ with 1GB ram. I upgaded to a 2.0 Core 2 Duo with 4GB ram and it will run a word study search checking many of the syntax options and it wil do it in approxiamtely 15 seconds or
  • John 8 and P66 and p75

    Question for consideration with the study of p66 and p75; is there enough histrorical evidence to conclude that the content of the woman taken in adultry was part of the original text. Being that p66 nor p75 do not include it. If you do a version comparison with your earliest Greek manuscripts with NA27 and UBS4, you will find that it is a 100% variant
  • Re: Logos Focus

    I would like to see how may calvinist users there are versus non-calvinist users.
  • Re: Logos Focus

    [quote user="MarkSwaim"] Jack I completely agree with your post. There is NO purpose for this type of question at all. [/quote] Mark, It is a shame that Biblical truth sparks these attitudes. This was meant as a survey question, nothing more. As I told Jack, I know where I stand and do not need to "flame a war".
  • Re: Logos Focus

    [quote user="JackCaviness"] First, you do not know my position in regard to Calvinism, so you have no real reason to insult me, which you obviously did with your "semi-pelegian" comment. If this was an honest question, you did not need to follow it up by accusing anyone who disagreed with you of being a heretic. Your gloating that Finney's works seem
  • Re: Logos Focus

    [quote user="Chris"] I believe hyper-calvinism is an abomination and that it's parameters equate to a puppet show. [/quote] Chris- I too, believe that hyper-calvinism is an abomination. In fact, as I said before, it is sub-Calvinism or anti-Calvinism.
  • Re: Logos Focus

    Jack made a comment about reading things from all kinds of sources. Which I most certainly do, and when compared to Scripture, the soteriology of the non-calvinist is found wanting. Now, before any says that I just said that unless you are a calvinist you are not a Christian. I am not saying that. I know plenty of non-calvinst that are good brothers
  • Re: Logos Focus

    [quote user="Ken Avery"] The statement about the AV/KJV lacks some detail; the fact that you have not found doctrinal errors is very interesting. When you say we have many older texts you are correct and the majority, no pun intended, of them agree with the TR; as a matter of fact, they are variants of the TR based on a common text. If you study the
  • Re: Logos Focus

    Hey Ken, Again I ask which of the 100 TR's is the most accurate? All of which have variants with each other. Many people live with the dissolution that the TR was the inspired text, but it was not. I was a product of preservation, having not been done until the 16th century. However, I am not saying that it is a bad text. It is a very good text. It
  • Re: Logos Focus

    [quote user="Ken Avery"] it is important to look at which edition the TR is based on. [/quote] I realize this, but you still did not answer the question. Or maybe I am misunderstanding you. When people tell me that the TR is the best text, I ask "which one of the 100?". Michael
  • Re: Logos Focus

    Hey Guys, We have really gotten off the subject of this thread. This is blowing my email up, so please move this to another thread. My original question has been exhausted and it seems that we have more calvinist here than non. So my question has been answered. Thank you very much.
  • Re: Logos Focus

    Jack, You have my upmost respect, my friend!!! Michael
  • Re: Logos Focus

    [quote user="Ken Avery"] Most people don't want the truth ... ... they'er looking for answers to confirm their prejudices. -- Michael Heiser [/quote] I agree that is often the case.
  • Collections

    Hey to all: I am trying to figure out how to add a collection to an already existing passage guide. I hit the "add" button in my passage guide in the upper right corner, but it doesnt seem to let me chose and add the desired collection. Is there another way to add to the passage guide. Thanks! Michael
    Posted to Logos 4 by Pastor Michael Huffman on Mon, Feb 22 2010
  • Re: Collections

    Thanks Mark for the response. That is what I thought you were suppose to do. So when I hit the "add" and then I press "cellection" is just acts like it is rebuilding my passage guide, but doesnt open any collections box. So far the only way I have been able to successfully add another collections is to completely delete that passage guide and create
    Posted to Logos 4 by Pastor Michael Huffman on Mon, Feb 22 2010
  • What about Blackberry

    I know that I am propably echoing the sentiments of others. But why doesn't Logos come out with a free application for the Blackberry? There are probably twice the users of Blackberry than iphone.
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Pastor Michael Huffman on Tue, Feb 23 2010
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