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  • Re: Am I missing something about Proclaim being easy to use?

    Hi, my pastor just asked my husband and I to learn the Proclaim software and teach him and others in our church how to use it. So after giving up on finding a manual for beginners, and being confused by the support page of various FAQ's, I did find some helpful tutorials on youtube. Do a google search for: youtube proclaim tutorials and training. I
    Posted to Faithlife Proclaim by Linda Chase on Tue, Sep 18 2018
  • Re: User Manual?

    My husband and I have been tasked with learning this software and training others in our church of 60 people, none of us very computer literate, but we do have one person who is good at PowerPoint. So we thought we would study through the manual. Since we couldn't find a manual, (seriously??) we tried to read some of the FAQ's but the ones we found
    Posted to Faithlife Proclaim by Linda Chase on Mon, Sep 17 2018
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