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  • Re: Why is the Mac Version so Slow? 8/25/10

    It seems to me that L4 Beta 11 (just out today) has largely fixed this issue! Great job Logos Team! Thanks for listening.
    Posted to Logos 4 by rog on Wed, Sep 8 2010
  • Re: Nearly Ready to Make the Switch

    I'm running a 4gb MBP that is less than a year old. I can't complain about the speed of Logos. It is drastically better than it was a year ago. It is good and useful and well worth the trade up to a mac. But thanks for the tip Paul, I may find myself buying the 2 4gb sticks as well.
    Posted to Logos 4 by rog on Wed, Oct 12 2011
  • Re: Clippings

    Does anyone know if you can access your synced clippings and note files online? My intel Mac went down and I'm now running my old windows machine at home and a PPC imac at work. The imac can't run L4 Mac. I'd like to be able to access via or somewhere else. Any ideas?
    Posted to Logos 4 by rog on Thu, Oct 14 2010
  • clippings/Notes Files - on Hope Hope

    A recent computer (macbook pro) crash has forced me to go to Windows at home a PPC imac at work. I cannot load L4 for Mac on the iMac, but would still love to see my sync'd clippings and note files on I love that when I installed L4 on my winXP computer, everything ran the same. Since it won't load on the architecture of the iMac, I would
    Posted to by rog on Thu, Oct 14 2010
  • Clippings Notes Files online use

    I would love to see the clippings and Notes being sync'd to Logos servers able to access online. If I'm visiting at a friend's house and need to work on my sermon, if I am using an older PPC iMac that can't use L4 Mac, but have L4 on my window's computer at home, it would be nice to would be nice to be able to access my study materials through www.Biblia
    Posted to Suggestions by rog on Thu, Oct 14 2010
  • Using L1.X Mac and L4 Mac and L4 Win? Can I?

    Can I access my clippings and Notes from an L4 install on one machine toa L1 Mac on an older PPC iMac? I want to be able to access all of my study materials while not being able to install L4 Mac on my office machine.... rog
    Posted to Libronix (including Logos for Mac 1) by rog on Thu, Oct 14 2010
  • Re: Wish List for

    very cool Nicholas! It works with Safari too - as long as you install GreaseKit. Thanks much!
    Posted to by rog on Wed, Nov 10 2010
  • Re: Resources Disappeared - including personal books

    okay, I figured it out about the same time you guys wrote. Thanks for the quick replies. I was doing some in-house cleaning the other day trying to figure out another issue and decided I would just get rid of Logos 4.... Ahhhhh.... thus all the settings were lost. I still had all the stuff, just needed to go in and rebuild the books. Thanks for helping
    Posted to Logos 5 by rog on Mon, Jun 10 2013
  • Re: Resources Disappeared - including personal books

    Yep...I did.... (dumb...really dumb...and I'm usually way more tech savvy than that....) I figured the icons should have downloaded with the whole library, but they aren't showing up for any searches, etc.
    Posted to Logos 5 by rog on Tue, Jun 11 2013
  • Re: NIV 1984 YES!

    so I've missed something. Why can't I have NIV84 or the TNIV on Biblia, since I own those in Logos. I thought the whole point was to have the ability to view MY resources on the web.... And needing it right now, since LOGOS is unusable right now - as it's redownloading 7 GB of data for some reason and won't let me into it. Frustrated....
    Posted to by rog on Sat, Jun 8 2013
  • Re: Welcome to the new SDA Forum for Logos users

    Awesome to have this here Martin. Glad to see you in the Pacific Northwest - perhaps we can get together some time (although Vancouver, WA is still quite a ways from where you are now....
    Posted to Seventh-day Adventist Products by rog on Fri, Jun 14 2013
  • Re: Logos Iphone app browser

    Love this discussion and want to add my support for removing any internal links and forcing them out to Safari - wish I could get this discussion going on the Evernote forum or the / app forum.... I support this wholeheartedly!
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by rog on Fri, Mar 1 2013
  • Re: Non-Stop CRASH! AAAUGH!

    okay...thanks. I was able to at least get it to open when I did that. Much appreciated. As soon as I tried to open any resource, it crashed again. I tried using offline, online, blank page or not. Anytime I click on a resource, it crashes. I can now open without the CMD button, and I can see the menus and open the list of menus, but as soon as I click
    Posted to Logos 4 by rog on Sat, Nov 12 2011
  • Re: Ignorant - I am....

    okay, thanks. I'll read that link. As to the resources, I probably just haven't played enough in them to notice. If they all should be there, then they all should be. Thanks.
    Posted to Faithlife Study Bible by rog on Fri, Aug 9 2013
  • Re: not getting purchases

    Thanks everyone for the replies. Yes, I am on a mac, so a restart never even occurred to me. And a restart is all it took. I had restarted Logos several times, to no avail. But the restart fixed all kinds of issues. For instance when I posted this original question, Logos told me it hadn't been posted, an error occurred. Yet, I started getting responses
    Posted to Logos 5 by rog on Thu, Oct 3 2013
  • not getting purchases

    so I bought a resource this morning and also added the free book of the month. Neither of them are showing up. All day. I've done "Update Now" and "Update Resources." and neither is bringing them in. Any other ideas?
    Posted to Logos 5 by rog on Wed, Oct 2 2013
  • Clippings on IOS or

    Is there any hope of getting the clippings feature to transfer to IOS or to To me, it seems that the clippings feature is much more valuable than the notes feature (perhaps I don't use the notes properly). But they already sync between Windows and Mac, so can we also get them on IOS and/or Biblia - to use when we aren't in front of an actual
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by rog on Thu, Jul 5 2012
  • Re: cleaning the forum....?

    I can understand the plethora of knowledge that is out there about some subjects, but some just need to go away.... Thanks for your reply. I imagine this is a huge task to accomplish, so maybe I'm asking for the impossible....
    Posted to General by rog on Mon, Jun 11 2012
  • Re: NET Bible links Severely brokein in iOS

    hmmmm.... I did not have it downloaded. So, I am trying that now. Will report back. Thanks guys - and Denise - humor appreciated!
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by rog on Sun, Jan 5 2014
  • Re: NET Bible links Severely brokein in iOS

    And the download fixed it. That was fast! Thanks everyone!
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by rog on Sun, Jan 5 2014
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