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  • Re: Need to have NASB Audio Bible available in LOGOS

    The NASB95 is my go to Bible; I want to add my support to those wanting an audio NASB in Logos. E.W. "Red" Jeffries read the 1977 audio version and Stephen Johnston read the 1995. Either or both would be incredible. Please consider this request.
    Posted to Suggestions by Christopher Dell on Wed, May 15 2019
  • Automate Thomas Cranmer Psalter?

    One other reading plan question: Can Logos provide a manually entered list of Psalms to read in your preferred Bible variant based on the day of the month? Similar to a custom plan, but that pulls the manual entry for the day (1st through 31st)? I have played with the Passage List and Custom Plan, but cannot make this work yet. There are 30 readings
    Posted to Logos 8 by Christopher Dell on Wed, May 15 2019
  • Re: Custom Reading Plan

    Thank you, Dave Hooton . I appreciate the suggestion. I have been investigating various book combinations. And thank you, Keep Smiling 4 Jesus , for your clever, straightforward solution. It performed flawlessly using 104 weeks and drilling down to the halfway point on the 14th of May of next year; for reference, today is the 15th of May. However, I
    Posted to Logos 8 by Christopher Dell on Wed, May 15 2019
  • Custom Reading Plan

    I would like for logos to calculate a daily one-year reading plan by dividing the daily OT reading into two and the NT reading into two equal parts like this: Daily: OT | NT | OT | NT One time through the OT and one time through the NT each year. It will easily do so for OT | NT by inputting this in the reference textbox: Ge-Mal | Mt-Re. Instead, I
    Posted to Logos 8 by Christopher Dell on Tue, May 14 2019
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