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  • Re: My Galaxy Tab S7+ just arrived today...!

    [quote user="David Paul"] You know, it would be nice if you could set downloads by resource type, particularly study helps such as lexicons. I know I don't need everything on my tablet...I probably haven't even opened 90% of the resources in my library. But I do need all of what I need so that I'm not throttled and restricted away from the internet
    Posted to Logos 9 Mobile by GregW on Tue, Apr 13 2021
  • Re: NAS 2020 and the Importance of Communicating with the Customer

    I'm on the sidelines for this one as I don't really use the NASB at all, and I don't claim to speak for Faithlife. I suspect that the huge diversion of effort to the Wordsearch resources has probably been one of the main factors behind the delay. Having observed the outcry over the Wordsearch resources being dropped as ebooks, I certainly don't blame
    Posted to General by GregW on Wed, Mar 24 2021
  • Re: Thoughts on apologetics and theological discussions

    Sticking carefully to the guidelines! There are a couple of books available in Logos that I've found very helpful. The first, by Kenneth Boa and Robert Bowman, deals with the various approaches to apologetics. This is probably more oriented towards the Protestant world, but sets out (from memory) four different approaches to apologetics. Faith Has Is
    Posted to General by GregW on Tue, Mar 23 2021
  • Re: Dear fellow Logosians and Verbumites

    I've been a daily Logos user since 2009 and used to come to the forums constantly, but don't do so nearly as often nowadays for a number of reasons (see below). My post count got reset after about ten years when I changed my email address, and it's really not important to me how many posts appear against my name. I tend to view the forums by using the
    Posted to General by GregW on Mon, Mar 15 2021
  • Re: Search for NT use of the OT

    [quote user="Mattillo"]It works and thanks!!![/quote]
    Posted to General by GregW on Wed, Mar 10 2021
  • Re: NT use of the OT Interactive

    If you'd like to find out more, it's worth clicking "About" at the top of the panel. At the bottom of the "About" section it tells you what the source of the data is: So I suspect the resource won't be added to in the future as it's based on a specific dataset. I'm assuming here that the Interactive in Verbum is the same as the Logos one: I'd be surprised
    Posted to Catholic Products by GregW on Tue, Mar 9 2021
  • Re: Search for NT use of the OT

    [quote user="Mattillo"] Thank you Greg. I’m not quite sure how the highlights work as I just don’t use them often. I’ve downloaded others in the past and they came with everything. I’ll try to figure out how to recreate these later. The only thing I was hazy on was how to make the labeled colored bubbles :) [/quote] I've shared
    Posted to General by GregW on Mon, Mar 8 2021
  • Re: Search for NT use of the OT

    Happy to share it, but it won't give you the highlights. You need to create a Highlighting Palette using capsules to get that effect. do you need step-by-step instructions on how to do that? It's getting a bit late here to do it tonight but I'll happily do it in the morning.
    Posted to General by GregW on Mon, Mar 8 2021
  • Re: Search for NT use of the OT

    At one point I did create a Visual Filter to do this. I've pasted in a copy of it below. I don't enable it any more but it was helpful for a while. You can, of course, use any of these as a search term.
    Posted to General by GregW on Mon, Mar 8 2021
  • Re: Price tracking?

    [quote user="Greg Corbin"]It might be more helpful to compose a "Wish List" on your profile that will reflect the current prices. Then if anything on your wish list goes on sale it will be reflected there. All you have to do is check it from time to time. Focus on quality resources you know you want rather than a huge quantity of resources.[/quote]
    Posted to General by GregW on Thu, Mar 4 2021
  • Re: Did the Benedictine monks not care about the Great Commission?

    [quote user="Ken McGuire"] As MJ pointed out, the biggest job of Monks is to pray - and not just for themselves, but for the whole world. And as NB pointed out, they connect their prayer with their work, and have often served needs of the word around them. From my experience with a few Benedictine communities, they are quite interested in witnessing
    Posted to General by GregW on Sat, Feb 27 2021
  • Re: How often do you use dark mode?

    Never, for this or any other program
    Posted to General by GregW on Mon, Feb 22 2021
  • Downloaded items showing as not downloaded?

    I was just idly playing with the Library view when I found that, when I use faceted library browsing to show items that are not on any device, it actually includes a lot of resources that actually are on the device I'm browsing from. I get similar results with the "not on this device" facet selected. I'm on 9.2 on a Windows 10 laptop patched to the
    Posted to Logos 9 Desktop App by GregW on Thu, Feb 11 2021
  • Re: Greek Studies Library Expansion: No resources listed

    [quote user="Daniel Motley (Faithlife)"] Hi all, Sorry for the issue, this is now fixed. [/quote] I’m still not seeing any resources listed for the Small package.
    Posted to General by GregW on Wed, Feb 3 2021
  • Re: Dashboard Cards

    [quote user="Greg Rose"] Clicking somewhat near the card is interesting. I have experienced this too ( I posted a "Bug" thread on this several days ago. I found that if I grabbed the card and repositioned it then generally I would be able to open it. Andrew from what you've said it seems like a situation where Logos/Verbum has lost the whereabouts of
    Posted to Logos 9 Desktop App by GregW on Thu, Jan 28 2021
  • Re: 9.2 ( is now available

    [quote user="Robert Sussland"] Thank you, it's working! I have it! [/quote] And for me
    Posted to Logos 9 Desktop App by GregW on Thu, Jan 21 2021
  • Re: 9.2 ( is now available

    [quote user="David Ames"]Does today in history require a certain data set or feature level to show up / run? [/quote] I've got Platinum and Connect so I'd be very surprised if I haven't got the appropriate level.
    Posted to Logos 9 Desktop App by GregW on Wed, Jan 20 2021
  • Re: 9.2 ( is now available

    [quote user="Dave Couch"]The card appears in the 'explore' section.[/quote] I'm also not getting it appearing, even after enabling everything in the "Explore" section and restarting Logos twice. Not a major problem to me, as I have so many cards in the "Dashboard" section I don't often even get down to the "Explore" section.
    Posted to Logos 9 Desktop App by GregW on Wed, Jan 20 2021
  • Re: Linked Footnotes

    Hi Fabian - please excuse me if I have misunderstood you, but I just copied Matthew 1:1-6 from the NIV to Word, as it has quite a few footnotes, and the footnotes are all linked. I then deleted one of the footnote indicators in the text, and it deleted the footnoe itself, so they do seem to be linked. I did this by selecting the text, and when I pasted
    Posted to Suggestions by GregW on Tue, Jan 19 2021
  • Re: KJV with Apocrypha does not have Apocrypha?

    I don't use the KJV but have the Apocrypha as a separate resource so I suspect you'll find it in your library.
    Posted to General by GregW on Mon, Jan 18 2021
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