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  • Re: Adding media (photo) link to a text

    can anyone confirm this, either positively or negatively?
    Posted to Logos 8 by David on Mon, Mar 9 2020
  • Adding media (photo) link to a text

    Hi, I've just come back from Israel (strongly recommended), and have a bunch of photographs that I'd like to link into the text. I've noticed there already are media links in bible passages, so is it possible to add my own? This would be amazing to do, as it would add a personal dimension to reading the text! David
    Posted to Logos 8 by David on Sun, Mar 8 2020
  • Wishlisted Items highlighted in Bundles / Package Upgrades

    I often trawl through other base packages, to see if there are items included in them as it's often cheaper to buy a sidegrade package (eg, Baptist Bronze) than to buy the item outright. Soooo it would be really great if my wishlisted items (20+) could be highlighted automatically when I go through the bundles etc. Logos automatically checks them against
    Posted to Suggestions by David on Fri, Feb 14 2020
  • Re: Xbox app

    agreed. Im doing the same, using the xbox internet browser, but it would be far more convenient to have a dedicated app.
    Posted to Faithlife TV by David on Sat, Jan 25 2020
  • FL connect question

    I started with Logos free, and saw the software was obviously stripped back (features wise, not the amount of bible resources), so I got the FL connect premiere trial to hopefully see more what the full-fat Logos experience is like! My question is - does the FL connect premiere upgrade the Logos software as well to full functionality, or do you have
    Posted to Faithlife Connect (formerly Logos Now) by David on Thu, Jan 2 2020
  • Re: quickly empty cart - 40+ items

    I found logging out and logging back in solved this. Would be good to have a 'clear cart' button though.
    Posted to General by David on Thu, Jan 2 2020
  • quickly empty cart - 40+ items

    Hi, I've inadvertently added a 40+ part concordance into the shopping cart, and there seems to be no way to empty it without clicking remove and waiting 10 seconds for the page to update for each item. Is there a quick way to empty the cart?
    Posted to General by David on Thu, Jan 2 2020
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