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  • Re: Top Five Commentaries

    Check out: It shows a Logos icon beside those commentaries that are currently available for Logos.
    Posted to General by JH on Tue, Feb 9 2010
  • Re: Puritan Resources

    Posted to General by JH on Sat, Jan 30 2010
  • Re: Request: I wish the X for closing tabs were right on the tab (like in IE and Firefox) rather than way off on the right of the panel

    Yes, please!
    Posted to Suggestions by JH on Thu, Jan 7 2010
  • Re: Tyndale Commentaries Shipping

    Can someone tell me a little more about this commentary set? Each book seems a little thin. What kind of coverage can be expected? Thanks!
    Posted to Logos 4 by JH on Thu, Jan 7 2010
  • Re: L4 and Mac tablet

    [quote user="StephenWeasler"] Does Logos have any plans to produce a version for the Mac tablet if it's released? I would imagine that it would be similar to the iphone version as the Mac tablet will probably be running a modified iPhone OS from most of the speculation I've seen. it would be great to be able to use it as an eBook type reader, I really
    Posted to Logos 4 by JH on Wed, Jan 6 2010
  • Re: VMWare Fusion - Shortcut Key for Drawing Mode?

    [quote user="Mark Rodgers"] Hi All Anyone know what the Shortcut Key for Drawing Mode is for Logos 4 on VMWare Fusion? Have tried F8 with a number of other keys without avail. Is there any way you can customise keyboard shortcuts for Logos 4? Cheers Mark [/quote] Use the "fn" key (lower left of the standard Mac keyboard) while pressing F8 should work
    Posted to Logos 4 by JH on Tue, Jan 5 2010
  • Re: Prepub date for NAC Zechariah and Isaiah

    [quote user="Donovan R. Palmer"] The prepub ship date for the two new NAC volumes has changed again! [/quote] My prepub page is now saying "Live", but nothing is downloading and it does not show up on my orders page. Any ideas?
    Posted to General by JH on Mon, Dec 21 2009
  • Re: Video: Preparing a sermon with Logos 4

    Mark, Extremely helpful! This is exactly what I needed to get my time in Logos more productive. Thanks again for taking time to put these together...
    Posted to Logos 4 by JH on Fri, Dec 18 2009
  • Re: Theological Journal Library 12 now available!!!!

    For those wanting more info, check out this thread:
    Posted to Logos 4 by JH on Wed, Dec 16 2009
  • Re: New Theological Journals

    This is part of the email that Galaxie Software sent with the release of TJL 12: IMPORTANT INFO: Please read! In the past few months, I've personally gone through over 400 of the volumes from previous Theological Journal CDs... fixing the typos that you reported ... rebuilding in the new Logos xml format... removing my 1/2 inch margins so that they
    Posted to General by JH on Wed, Dec 16 2009
  • Re: Suggestion: Alert us when our collections change because of metadata updates

    Good idea. And, thanks again for your videos -- very helpful!
    Posted to Logos 4 by JH on Tue, Dec 15 2009
  • Re: Logos 4 on XP Tablet OS

    I'm running it on an XP tablet and it works great. Since the tablet is almost 3 yrs old, it is a "tad" bit slow, but nothing too noticeable. Overall, I like it a lot!
    Posted to General by JH on Sun, Dec 13 2009
  • Re: A Crunchpad/Joo Joo for Logos

    You mean something like the Apple Tablet that is reportedly coming sometime in the first half of 2010? Maybe the Mac version of Logos will incentivize some people to get one...
    Posted to Suggestions by JH on Fri, Dec 11 2009
  • Re: A7-Search Results

    Joe, It looks like you are in Grid view for this display. How did you get it to display results in that view. Mine just says "Currently not implemented". Thx!
    Posted to Logos 4 by JH on Fri, Dec 11 2009
  • Re: Kelly's Systematic Theology

    [quote user="John Bowling"] Douglas Kelly's Systematic Theology (only one volume is out right now). [/quote] +1 He is a good prof!
    Posted to Suggestions by JH on Thu, Dec 10 2009
  • Re: Props to Logos

    Posted to Logos 4 by JH on Thu, Dec 10 2009
  • Re: 4.0a Beta 3 Release Notes

    [quote user="Chris Elford"] Downloaded. Installed. Sync'ed for quite a while (I had to go home so shut down and re-started later - so not sure total time) - No problems Like what I'm seeing so far. Thanks for the ribbon control. Like the background color - some may want more choices - I'm good Thanks, Logos team Chris [/quote] Ditto - good work, Logos
    Posted to Logos Desktop Beta by JH on Tue, Dec 8 2009
  • Re: Video tutorial: Prioritising resources

    Wow - those are great (especially the second one). I had been wondering how to use prioritization limits. (Logos should hire you as an adjunct to make more of these - they're very useful...)
    Posted to Logos 4 by JH on Tue, Dec 8 2009
  • Re: PrePub slippage - what to expect? :-)

    [quote user="Kaye Anderson"] OK, I'm very excited! My first THREE PrePub orders are due out within the next week and I've been looking over the sample pages in anticipation!! Being a software developer/project manager/tester, I have to ask - what kind of delivery date slippage should I expect based on your experience?? I don't want to get my hopes up
    Posted to Logos 4 by JH on Tue, Dec 8 2009
  • Re: BDAG Still not included in Gold Edition?

    [quote user="robertdrouhard"] I love Libronix, but this borders on the ridiculous. [/quote] I don't quite follow your suggestion. Are you saying you would like Logos to give you BDAG for free because you purchased Scholar's Gold and thought it was included? Or they should sell it to you at a discounted rate because you think it should be included? Just
    Posted to Suggestions by JH on Sun, Dec 6 2009
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