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  • Re: problem

    How many instances of the word "veil" does your installation of Logos report in, say, the NLT, the ESV, and the KJV? My installation reports... NLT - 19 instances in 18 verses ESV - 42 instances in 40 verses KJV - 7 instances in 7 verses I have neither the "Match case" nor the "Match all word forms" option selected for this search.
    Posted to General by Bill Coley on Wed, Nov 10 2021
  • Re: No end to advertising emails?

    I too have felt annoyed by what's seemed to be an increased pace of FL emails in recent months. To verify my suspicion, I checked my inbox, and sure enough... Jan - 49; Feb - 50; Mar - 58; Apr - 49; May - 45 Jul - 64; Aug - 67; Sep - 70; Oct (so far) 53 (on pace for mid-80s) I don't think we would have to miss any offers were FL to combine offers into
    Posted to General by Bill Coley on Tue, Oct 19 2021
  • Re: Definition of Woman found in the Counseling Theme

    [quote user="xnman"] I understand. Consider this though... I don't know how many counselors there are in the USA... I do know there are approx. 38,000 different denominations in the USA ... and most teaching different doctrines about the one Bible. Does that mean there is no Biblical truth? [/quote] I propose a different approach to your question: There
    Posted to General by Bill Coley on Tue, Sep 28 2021
  • Re: New Testament First Nations Version

    [quote user="David Wanat"] So, if I understand this correctly, it’s not so much something that the First Nation DOES use but something that the author sees as expressing how the First Nation could approach it? Or have I missed the point? [/quote] I'm not certain that I understand your question, David, but I hope its responsive to it to say that
    Posted to General by Bill Coley on Mon, Sep 6 2021
  • Re: Gen. 1:27

    [quote user="David Paul"] In MJ's defense, this thread goes way back, and though I think there had been some pushback against theological discussions at the time, I don't think it had gelled into the current status quo quite yet. I don't see anything wrong about letting a newbie know that the ways of yesteryear are no longer the ways of today. [/quote
    Posted to General by Bill Coley on Mon, May 31 2021
  • Re: Gen. 1:27

    MJ, given the content of the forum guidelines to which you asked the poster Nev Billet to abide - specifically, its proscription against discussions of "biblical, theological, or other controversial subjects" - isn't most of this thread, including several of your own contributions to it, in violation of them? That is, isn't it about five pages of posts
    Posted to General by Bill Coley on Mon, May 31 2021
  • Re: Turning off highlights in a specific layout

    Thanks to the three of you for responding to my post. keepsmiling4jesus, I am bare bones when it comes to my Logos feature set, so I don't have access to Multiview, but thanks for the workaround. DiscipleII, I have created a layout that includes the Notes editor, which will allow me quickly to make a manual selection of the applicable notebook. Thanks
    Posted to General by Bill Coley on Fri, Apr 2 2021
  • Turning off highlights in a specific layout

    This ought to be simple, but I can't find it: I have lots of verses highlighted in a Bible translation that's part of one layout. I want that to be the only layout in which those verses are highlighted in that Bible translation, so that in a new layout I can highlight other verses in that Bible translation specific to that layout's focus, and have those
    Posted to General by Bill Coley on Fri, Apr 2 2021
  • Re: Logos website: filter out ebooks

    I know that many sites have such a problem. You have to be careful. I tried to write to the technical support of the site, but they didn't answer me.
    Posted to General by Darissa Dahon on Sun, May 17 2020
  • Re: Older dictionary of female saints needs a bit of help

    This is interesting, thanks. This is very useful information for me.
    Posted to General by Darissa Dahon on Sun, May 17 2020
  • Re: how to search all encyclopedias for a word

    Thank you for sharing!
    Posted to General by Darissa Dahon on Sun, May 17 2020
  • Two questions about passage lists

    Is there a setting by which the passage lists in my layouts will open in "Compact" rather than "Full" format? I first posted about this matter in 2014, when there was no such setting; to my review, at least, there still isn't one. One other passage list-related question: The passage lists in my layouts never open to the last citations employed from
    Posted to Logos 8 by Bill Coley on Mon, Dec 16 2019
  • Re: Faithlife: Need for Help at ChristianDiscourse

    [quote user="Tom Reynolds"] CD can't shut down! If it shuts down then whenever someone brings up a contentious issue they can't be told to take it to CD where it will die of boredom. :_D [/quote] Well said, Tom! Now if CD comes back up, I invite you to drop in and join the conversation. Perhaps your participation will bring life to the bored board.
    Posted to General by Bill Coley on Thu, Dec 21 2017
  • Power outage has messed up my Logos installation

    At the instant of a freak and momentary power outage, I had Logos 6 (and web browser) software running on my PC. When the power returned within seconds the web browser functioned normally, but Logos 6 did not. Immediately after the power's return, the Logos shortcut icons were all white - the logo missing from the icon from both the taskbar and desktop
    Posted to Logos 6 by Bill Coley on Mon, Jun 29 2015
  • Re: Encyclopedia Britannica for Noet is here

    I react to the Encyclopedia Brittanica offer with both applause for the creation of a Logos-empowered version of such a consequential source of information and disappointment that the product is in fact abridged. Further, I am troubled by the fact that the marketing surrounding the offer made so little effort to make the abridgement clear. Sherri, while
    Posted to General by Bill Coley on Thu, Feb 19 2015
  • Re: Passages not saved in compact view

    [quote user="Dave Hooton"]It is probably regarded as an annoyance, so it doesn't get the priority that you and I think it deserves. Note that there are many bugs older than this.[/quote] This makes sense to me except that my observation has been that program updates frequently address annoyance-grade issues, and in the July 2013 thread noted in my original
    Posted to Logos 5 by Bill Coley on Sun, Aug 17 2014
  • Passages not saved in compact view

    Problem: A passage list saved in a layout while in compact view always opens in full view. In a forum search I found a bug report for this that is more than seventeen months old, and the most recent reference to the issue - in a different thread - that is more than a year old. The latest version of Logos 5, downloaded today, does not fix the problem
    Posted to Logos 5 by Bill Coley on Sat, Aug 16 2014
  • Re: Interesting price comparison

    [quote user="Super.Tramp"]If you can't tell the difference between an eBook and a Logos resource you ought to stick with cheap stuff.[/quote] You have a way with words.... I wouldn't call it a pastoral way, but you certainly have a way.
    Posted to General by Bill Coley on Wed, Jul 16 2014
  • Re: Lexham Methods Series

    [quote user="Rosie Perera"]So I think it would be better to change the red text to "Your bid might not succeed" ("may" would be bad grammar; it would mean "your bid doesn't have permission to succeed") than to remove it altogether.[/quote] It's a common misconception that "may" only refers to permission; in fact, that's not the case. It certainly has
    Posted to General by Bill Coley on Sun, Jul 13 2014
  • Re: Video course by a top NT scholar for $44 -- maybe lower! (could be up to you)

    [quote user="JoshInRI"]I have had some time to think this over and more than likely most of you have gone on to other posts...but I am sorry for using "nut" above.[/quote] Joshua, Thank you. I appreciate your decision to make this post.
    Posted to General by Bill Coley on Sun, Jul 13 2014
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