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  • Bait and Switch

    I have a real problem with Logos including Moos Commentary in the NICNT Sale of All Volumes $29.99 or less. Sure enough, all volumes are that price but they include Moos Romans Commentary at $69.99. That is called a bait and switch. They could have suppressed that and so I let my opinion known to a Logos representative and the response was essentially
    Posted to General by Randy Kyle on Sat, Apr 27 2019
  • Re: Christianity Today, 2009, Volume 53, Numbers 1–12 temporary download

    That's great. Love it. Don't let the naysayers and perpetually critical people affect your free giveaways in the future. They can always be hidden - literally a process that takes 30 seconds (eyeroll).
    Posted to General by Randy Kyle on Sat, May 26 2018
  • Take me off your telemarketing list

    I do not appreciate at all: 1) Logos salespeople looking at my browsing history and then 2) Cold calling me to pitch me the products I was viewing. If I wanted to purchase the products, I think after 15,000 resources, I can determine for myself to do so. It is invasive and unwanted conduct. Thanks.
    Posted to General by Randy Kyle on Tue, Oct 24 2017
  • Collections Syntax

    Hi all - do any of you have a link to suggestions on organization the collections tool? Thanks in advance!
    Posted to Logos 7 by Randy Kyle on Sat, Sep 17 2016
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