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  • Wayward listing

    This book appears to have a completely different author than the description describes. It would be nice to know what it actually contains.
    Posted to General by mab on Fri, Sep 25 2020
  • Re: Logos 9 Wishlist

    [quote user="Nathan Tyler"] Startup performance. I am on Windows and I often need to get into a Bible app quickly to look for something. Logos takes about 3 times longer to start up than Wordsearch (and Wordsearch is already about as slow as I can stand). For this reason I only use Logos when I have to. I actually use a third app which starts up in
    Posted to General by mab on Mon, Sep 21 2020
  • Re: Bible Software Consolidation -- Who's Next?

    I had several programs running at one point. Accordance, Pradis, eSword, Wordsearch, Logos and Online Bible. When Logos 4 was still in beta on the Mac, I realized that this was nuts. As soon as Logos 4 came out, so did the pruning shears. I acquired BibleWorks which is still cool for searching, but Logos is where you will find me most all of the time
    Posted to General by mab on Sun, Sep 20 2020
  • Re: Lenski volumes all in .jpg

    Definitely not something worth doing. And Lenski is in some packages which make it much easier to obtain.
    Posted to General by mab on Wed, Sep 16 2020
  • Re: Anyone in the Verbum neck of the woods advocating for...

    I don't know anything about the monograph series. I've seen some of the journals.
    Posted to General by mab on Wed, Sep 9 2020
  • Re: Ridderbos John Cover...

    I agree. But apparently they are keeping the author's works with a similar style cover art. If I remember correctly, they were originally going to put it out with the other volumes, but they didn't have the permissions granted and the release languished for quite some time. They might have cobbled the cover back then too, but that's just a guess.
    Posted to General by mab on Tue, Sep 8 2020
  • Re: Labor Day sale

    Used the code today very successfully. Lots of really great discounts. Thanks FL
    Posted to General by mab on Tue, Sep 1 2020
  • Re: Logos 8.16 RC 1 (

    Oh King Logos 8, live forever!
    Posted to Logos Desktop Beta by mab on Wed, Aug 26 2020
  • Re: 50% off Paideia Commentary

    Yep. Good deal on three volumes. Can't quibble at the price.
    Posted to General by mab on Tue, Aug 25 2020
  • Re: Labor Day sale

    It won't work on items already on sale apparently.
    Posted to General by mab on Tue, Aug 25 2020
  • Re: Rumors of Apple Silicon Chips?

    You still have to consider how running a 11 inch screen version of Logos would be havoc central with all the detail one sees now on a desktop. I am currently using a very sharp screen laptop and appreciate all the more being able to see the details and being able to access them with precision. There's still a whole order of old school computing that
    Posted to General by mab on Tue, Aug 18 2020
  • Re: Please Activate Buy Button

    Guessing this is something not yet broken up fully or someone asleep at the wheel.
    Posted to General by mab on Sun, Aug 16 2020
  • Re: Thoughts on Logos 9 Arrival?

    My wife already assumes I am going to buy something on Logos every month. It's me trying to keep up with the new features and stuff.
    Posted to General by mab on Tue, Aug 11 2020
  • Re: Best place to start with Jonathan Edwards

    One way is to tie Notes on Scripture and Blank Bible to your Bible reference priority list in Logos. What Edwards might have thought about a passage you are working on is a cool way to leave some insight into your daily studies.
    Posted to General by mab on Mon, Aug 10 2020
  • Re: Thompson Chain

    Logos has a TCR of sorts. I had forgotten about it. Thanks for the goad. If you go to the scripture index in the back, you can pull up a similar list of what the TCR has right alongside a verse. This is a bit cumbersome to do but can be rewarding. I just opened it in a floating panel now
    Posted to General by mab on Fri, Aug 7 2020
  • Re: Media copyright

    [quote user="Nicholas Roland"] I'm picking this thread back up with a pandemic application. We've had to go to livestreaming our services like so many have. Since service videos are posted online, is showing a graphic or map in a video sermon different than showing it in a live sermon as far as fair use rules go? [/quote] The same could be asked of
    Posted to General by mab on Thu, Aug 6 2020
  • Re: Free book for August

    Discernment seems to be necessary with every commentary and resource. I am amazed at how readily people swallow really bad secular stuff that pervades modern higher education and it seems to be perfectly acceptable to trundle it into print. On the plus side, it does make me spend more time in prayer. If it wasn't for the Holy Spirit, I would not open
    Posted to General by mab on Wed, Aug 5 2020
  • Free book for September
    Posted to General by mab on Fri, Jul 31 2020
  • Re: Android app on chromebook

    Thanks Bill. I was kicking around the idea of a Chromebook as something to write on as long as. I could access Logos. I would get a better Chromebook as they are now getting decent hardware and still are less money than going for Win.
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by mab on Sun, Jul 26 2020
  • Re: Mystery sale

    The Brill that was sale price wasn't the lexicon, it was Nag Hammadi Text. You still should want the dictionary. I got it pre-pub and it's worth every penny.
    Posted to General by mab on Wed, Jul 22 2020
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