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  • Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

    I am considering getting a tablet and am researching how they interface with Logos5. Has anything been updated about this concern with the SGT2? I would like to be able to download books to the SD card. Am wondering whether this is possible. Am also considering the Kindle Fire HD. Thanks.
    Posted to Android Apps by John Ryan on Mon, Dec 24 2012
  • Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

    Thanks to you all who replied to my question. Not the answer I was hoping for, but you clarified my thinking. That all doesn't make sense to my pea-brain>> what is extra storage for, then? Guess I will think more about the Kindle Fire HD. Perhaps even 32G. Y'all have a blessed Christmas.
    Posted to Android Apps by John Ryan on Mon, Dec 24 2012
  • Re: Kindle Fire HD

    I am considering getting a Kindle Fire HD and am wondering about an update to this thread. Does Logos work on KFHD? I can download some of my books onto the Fire and read them offline? Does Logos work offline or do I need to be connected? Can you give me some idea of how much storage is contained within, say, 16G? Thanks for any input.
    Posted to Android Apps by John Ryan on Mon, Dec 24 2012
  • Re: Reference "not available" when offline?

    I found this happening when offline as well. I have both the Newberry Interlinear and Strong's downloaded. But when I clicked on a Strong's number in the interlinear I got "not available".
    Posted to Android Apps by John Ryan on Wed, Dec 25 2013
  • Re: Help Page for Android Nexus7

    Thanks for doing this. It helped greatly. Let us know if you update it further.
    Posted to Android Apps by John Ryan on Tue, Jan 1 2013
  • copy and paste while offline in Android

    Can someone help me copy and paste notes while offline in Android? I am assuming/hoping this is possible. For example, when reading a commentary I find a note I want to append to a verse. I can select the note and copy it to the clipboard, but then am not sure how to paste it into the note at the verse. Can someone instruct me? Many thanks.
    Posted to Android Apps by John Ryan on Thu, Jan 3 2013
  • Re: Recommendations/suggestions for Android Tablet?

    I went through the same process 2-3 months ago. I settled on Nexus 7 32. It is more than large enough to accommodate many books. The only consideration about wifi is that you need to download any books you would want to read offline. It is easy to do. If you can afford a 10" tablet I can imagine that would be better. The 7" works very well. A bit awkward
    Posted to Android Apps by John Ryan on Tue, Feb 12 2013
  • newbie looking for help with search

    As a fairly new user of L5 (silver) I am trying to figure out the most efficient way to conduct a certain search. I want to find all Biblical instances of people who did not heed prophetic warnings (from true prophets of God). Can someone help with suggestions? Thanks in advance. John
    Posted to Logos 5 by John Ryan on Sun, Feb 17 2013
  • citations do not appear in notes on Android

    I have found that, when I copy and paste from, say a commentary, into a note attached to a Bible verse, that the citation for the note is not included when I do this on my Android. When doing the very same function on my PC, the citation is automatically included. This is inconvenient and I am wondering how others handle this situation.
    Posted to Android Apps by John Ryan on Sun, Dec 8 2013
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