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  • Re: Prioritizing Lexham Research Commentary

    Thanks, Graham. After a couple of days it started working (maybe the restarts? Anyway, thanks for your help!
    Posted to Logos 8 by Kevin Bradford on Wed, May 20 2020
  • Prioritizing Lexham Research Commentary

    I just purchased some of the Lexham Research commentaries, and want to prioritize them as resources. However, I have added both the series and the individual Genesis 12-50 volume at the top of my prioritized resources list, and yet opening up Passage Guide to Genesis 40 will not list that volume as a commentary (at all). Has anyone else had this problem
    Posted to Logos 8 by Kevin Bradford on Tue, May 19 2020
  • Re: select text and copy windows 10 tablet mode

    Hi, Bradley. It looks like you have been 'tracking' this issue since 2010, and it now has nearly 700 votes. Any update? I am beginning to think I need to consider buying another device to use in church and for preaching, because Logos does not support my Windows 10 device in tablet mode, even though it is perfectly capable device... after years of us
    Posted to Logos 6 by Kevin Bradford on Sun, May 6 2018
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