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  • Re: Feeling left out....

    Alas, I am a Baptist PC user. Now I REALLY feel left out! Although, last night I was going to write a snarky PC/Mac comment and I had a rare Windows 7 "Blue Screen of Death" (Logos was not running at the time.... )
    Posted to Logos 5 by Alan Gerling on Tue, Jul 23 2013
  • Feeling left out....

    I have been using Logos almost every single day since I upgraded to 5 and it never crashes on me. Am I doing something wrong?
    Posted to Logos 5 by Alan Gerling on Mon, Jul 22 2013
  • Website URL Signals

    I am curious, is there a way to name the website URL for a signal? I've done a custom hymnal for our church (meaning I now have almost all of the songs we sing in PDF form in my Dropbox), so it'd be nice as we sing songs to be able to use a signal so that folks can view the pdf on their device as we sing. Using Dropbox, the link works great, but the
    Posted to Proclaim: Church Presentation Software by Alan Gerling on Tue, Nov 20 2012
  • Re: Linux version of Logos Bible Software

    Curious question. Did Logos 5 change the underlying structure? If so, has someone tried to install in Wine? I'm waiting for the free engine upgrade before switching, or I'd tinker myself.
    Posted to Suggestions by Alan Gerling on Sun, Nov 11 2012
  • Re: Need help filtering library!

    Keep Smiling: Your suggesting did pull up five more books. I believe this project can wait till another day.... Any ideas why this might have happened? It truly seems random, I can find no pattern to the gaps.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Alan Gerling on Fri, Aug 24 2012
  • Re: Need help filtering library!

    alabama's e ANDNOT solution worked perfectly, though there are a depressing 3,678 books I'm going to have to retag
    Posted to Logos 4 by Alan Gerling on Fri, Aug 24 2012
  • Re: Need help filtering library!

    I know how to filter in all of the read and unread books, I'm trying to figure out how to filter out all of those mytags which would leave all of the books that I have not tagged either read or unread (all of the books that didn't sync correctly).
    Posted to Logos 4 by Alan Gerling on Fri, Aug 24 2012
  • Need help filtering library!

    I recently have gone through my entire library and retagged the whole thing using a more consistent system. Yesterday, I had to reformat and then reinstall Logos. For some inexplicable reason, not all of my PBBs and new tags had synced properly (seems completely random too). That said, when I retagged my whole library, I tagged everything either Read
    Posted to Logos 4 by Alan Gerling on Fri, Aug 24 2012
  • Re: Logos 4 is S L O O O O O O O O O O O O O O W ! ! !

    I tried to read through everything to make sure I'm not repeating anything new, so apologies if it's been said already, but in terms of start-up speed, You will notice a significant speed increase if you do a couple of housekeeping things. 1) Turn off the home page in Logos (tell it to open to what you had open last). One major slowdown is that Logos
    Posted to Logos 4 by Alan Gerling on Tue, Jun 26 2012
  • Re: Logos 4 crash in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    It might be computer specific too. I had one laptop I put Windows 8 on and I have never had any problems running things. Logos runs swimmingly. On my other laptop, Windows 8 lasted about 3 hours, and the buggy performance had me returning to Windows 7 in a hurry. Oddly, the laptop that performs Windows 8 is the poorer machine, being more along the lines
    Posted to Logos 4 by Alan Gerling on Wed, May 9 2012
  • Re: Window 8 and Logos 4?

    I did just put Windows 8 on my CR-48, and went ahead and installed Logos on it (I put in a bigger SSD). It actually seems to run okay, and the hardware on the Chromebook is absolutely way below anything they will sell on a Windows 8 tablet device. The only caveat will be to make sure it's an Intel tablet, not an ARM since I don't believe the ARM devices
    Posted to Logos 4 by Alan Gerling on Fri, Apr 13 2012
  • Re: Kindle to Logos??

    There is a very long and convoluted way that is definitely not for the faint of heart. As to whether it's legal, here is the statement from the Kindle Terms of Use: "Use of Digital Content. Upon your download of Digital Content and payment of any applicable fees (including applicable taxes), the Content Provider grants you a non-exclusive right to view
    Posted to Logos 4 by Alan Gerling on Thu, Nov 10 2011
  • Re: PDF in Personal Book Builder

    I would really suggest a program called Calibre for converting formats around. It won't convert to docx, but it will convert to RTF, which you can then open in Word and save as a docx. I converted several epub books over this way, and I know it converts pdf files decently too.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Alan Gerling on Wed, Aug 17 2011
  • Re: Is there a page/word limitation for PBB creation (Logos crashes)

    I've had the same issue with very large books, and will follow the directions you have posted! (My system is a brand new system with quite a bit of muscle)
    Posted to Logos 4 by Alan Gerling on Fri, Aug 12 2011
  • Re: Personal Book built on my laptop will not open on my desktop

    I was essentially going to say the same thing as Kevin. I use Dropbox (you can get a 2gB account free), and my username is the same on both computers, so the path for both is c:\user\[myusername]\dropbox\[folderwiththedocxfiles] All you have to do then on the second computer is just to go down the list and click Build Book for each book! You could do
    Posted to Logos 4 by Alan Gerling on Fri, Aug 12 2011
  • Re: Meet and Greet (plus sale)

    Name: Alan Gerling Where you call home (general or specific): Manhattan, KS Occupation: Worship Director Age: 29 (30 is looming awfully close though) How long you've been using Logos Bible Software: 2 years or so. Your most-used Logos resource (other than the Bible): Tough question to narrow down which hymn resource I use most. Can I say the Worship
    Posted to General by Alan Gerling on Wed, Jun 15 2011
  • Re: I don't get it

    If that is the case, Logos is going to have to meet the big boys on price. If I want to read a trade Christian book and not care if it plugs into my Logos library (which would be the audience I'm assuming this is aiming at) I buy it at one of the competitors (I don't want to advertise my favorite!). If I want to have the functionality of being searchable
    Posted to Vyrso: Christian Ebooks by Alan Gerling on Fri, May 27 2011
  • I don't get it

    I must admit that I don't understand Vyrso. Perhaps this is because it has yet to be realized. I downloaded the app and fired it up...... and it is exactly like the Logos Bible app that already exists. Only not as powerful? Is this simply going to be a separate store front to buy trade books? If so, why the separate app since Logos 4 books show up in
    Posted to Vyrso: Christian Ebooks by Alan Gerling on Fri, May 27 2011
  • Re: Columns in Reading View?

    Well, it gets close though. the only issue is that the grey box behind the text makes it difficult to read, and it would be nice to lock into the two column page with page turn buttons (again similar to Logos columns in the desktop software), but I'm just talking wishlist here!
    Posted to by Alan Gerling on Fri, Apr 8 2011
  • Columns in Reading View?

    Is there any way to get a functionality similar to the column feature in Logos in Biblia? I'm on a Google CR-48, and it's so close to being able to read my books easily on it, but when expanding to the reading view, the text becomes of course prohibitively wide. I can read in the regular window, but there is much distraction for concentrated reading
    Posted to by Alan Gerling on Thu, Apr 7 2011
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