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  • Re: bible view

    [quote user="David Cartledge"] my lexham bible in logos 7 is displaying the interlinear but I don't recall how to toggle off and on. I have tried the two buttons displayed in your post but I don't return to text without interlinear. If I click on the right hand one I just get more interlinear rather than just text. Can you help me with this? I am using
    Posted to General by Rich DeRuiter on Sun, Dec 10 2017
  • Re: Why did Jesus Come to Earth?

    [quote user="Mark Smith"] [quote user="Rich DeRuiter"]Off Topic: I did a 10 part sermons series on that a few years back.[/quote] Ambitious. That would be a bit more complete than what I am doing in 4 messages. [/quote] Spending time with Jesus is always a good thing.
    Posted to General by Rich DeRuiter on Fri, Dec 8 2017
  • Re: Why did Jesus Come to Earth?

    [quote user="Mark Smith"] [quote user="Dennis Davis"]In this Christmas season, many of us are working through Christmas sermon series on the birth of Jesus. I am doing the same but it just occurred to me that I'm not entirely sure how to go about using Logos to help research the question, "why did Jesus come to Earth?" I can find the answers I need
    Posted to General by Rich DeRuiter on Thu, Dec 7 2017
  • Re: Why did Jesus Come to Earth?

    [quote user="Dennis Davis"] would you start to research the broader question of "Why?"[/quote] Why questions are difficult in part because they are ambiguous. For example, are you asking about the purpose of Jesus' birth, or about Jesus' motivation, or something else? In other words, are you asking about the intended result, or impetus? Why questions
    Posted to General by Rich DeRuiter on Wed, Dec 6 2017
  • Re: New Believer - Where To Begin

    [quote user="Michael Kinch"] I am working with someone who as an agnostic but is not examining the claims of Christianity through some apologetic books that I have shared. Now wants to begin reading the Bible. Do you have any suggestions for resources to recommend or study plans? Thanks! [/quote] Where to start depends somewhat on the personality of
    Posted to General by Rich DeRuiter on Sat, Dec 2 2017
  • Re: Configuration connection between NIV and commentary

    [quote user="Bill English"] I can't scroll the Biblical passage and then scroll the commentary independently. How do I remove this connection?[/quote] The simplest way to do that is to remove the link from the commentary. This article in the WIKI explains how, though you probably want to remove the link from the commentary, rather than the Bible (which
    Posted to Logos 6 by Rich DeRuiter on Sun, Nov 5 2017
  • Re: How to resolve course issues when a resource is pulled for plagiarism?

    [quote user="Miles Custis"]In this case, Carson's commentary is a good choice to replace the Baker links...[/quote] Carson's commentary on John is absolutely excellent. I don't have the mobile ed course, but I'm preaching through John and have found his and Morris's (NICNT) to be the most helpful.
    Posted to Logos Mobile Education by Rich DeRuiter on Wed, Nov 1 2017
  • Re: Logos loaded very fast

    [quote user="Dale E Heath"] Now it's back to slow again, ever after running ngen. I think it's a matter of running too many things at once, downloads, installs, etc. Dale Heath [/quote] (If NGEN doesn't run when you install a Logos update, maybe it's the beta that runs NGEN whenever it updates.) However, if you run it manually, you will probably not
    Posted to Logos 7 by Rich DeRuiter on Tue, Oct 31 2017
  • Re: Best resources for preaching application

    I'm with Francis on this. (Where's the "like" button?!) I'd also say that a great resources for application is the folks in the pews. Many of them are already living the truths we preachers preach about. How do they do it? What do they do? But I'd also like to challenge to ponder the question: "What is application?" For some it means that you need to
    Posted to General by Rich DeRuiter on Thu, Oct 26 2017
  • Re: Take me off your telemarketing list

    [quote user="Randy Micek"] I do not appreciate at all: 1) Logos salespeople looking at my browsing history and then 2) Cold calling me to pitch me the products I was viewing. If I wanted to purchase the products, I think after 15,000 resources, I can determine for myself to do so. It is invasive and unwanted conduct. Thanks. [/quote] Posting here may
    Posted to General by Rich DeRuiter on Tue, Oct 24 2017
  • Re: What does "cf. p. XXX" mean?

    [quote user="Rodney Jenkins"] I encounter this (cf. p. xxx) often but want to know how I find the "cf" - "confer", or "compare". What is the document to "confer" with, or "compare" to? Thanks [/quote] Unless the context specifically points to another resources, the "cf p. ___" means to confer or compare the topic you're currently reading about on that
    Posted to General by Rich DeRuiter on Fri, Oct 20 2017
  • Re: MS Word Bible Dictionary?

    [quote user="Sacrifice"] Randy, Many thanks. Even though you spelled it out wonderfully, that is probably beyond my capabities. I tried it from the first post you made and gave up. It will be a huge project and I know me I’ll want to add every theological term in existence to it, not just the Bible. So there goes more time... I want to thank you
    Posted to General by Rich DeRuiter on Thu, Oct 5 2017
  • Re: Any leaks for next month?

    [quote user="Michael S."] Has anyone heard who will be the publisher on sale in October? [/quote] No. But, given we are nearing the 500th anniversary of Luther's nailing of the 95 Theses on the door of Wittenburg, I wouldn't be surprised to see Concordia Publishing House be highlighted, if not the featured publisher.
    Posted to General by Rich DeRuiter on Sat, Sep 30 2017
  • Re: Arminian Confession of 1621 curiously tagged as a Reformed confession

    [quote user="Rick Brannan (Faithlife)"]After following the discussion here, and some discussion internally, we plan on leaving the classification as-is (Reformed) as that's the tradition it is historically a part of at the point in time of its writing.[/quote] Some thoughts here (though I suspect the discussion at FaithLife on this topic may be over
    Posted to General by Rich DeRuiter on Thu, Sep 28 2017
  • Re: How to remove book?

    [quote user="Mike Binks"]However the best is even better because, should you ever decide to learn Spanish, you will be able to unhide the book and sample its gems.[/quote] You might as well start learning Spanish. I've heard it said that Spanish is the language of heaven, because it takes an eternity to master.
    Posted to General by Rich DeRuiter on Fri, Sep 15 2017
  • Re: Why bother about Israël?

    Is this something the whole country is doing, or is this some kind of commemoration in your denomination, or ...? Also, is this a Sunday to honor Israel, or to call it to repentance for it's treatment of Palestinians, or something else? As a Reformed pastor in the US (Christian Reformed Church), I can tell you what I do with such things: usually I ignore
    Posted to General by Rich DeRuiter on Thu, Sep 14 2017
  • Re: Lexham Press needs your ministry advice

    Posted to General by Rich DeRuiter on Fri, Sep 8 2017
  • Re: New Windows option in 7.9 Beta 1 to make Logos faster

    [quote user="Frank Sauer"]It would be nice to have some type of confirmation that ngen is active/inactive[/quote] Or some indication that it has completed successfully, or at least without errors. Should we assume that ngen completes without errors, if we see no error dialog? Is there another, or better way to check? Could be logged (in the Logos Log
    Posted to Logos Desktop Beta by Rich DeRuiter on Sat, Sep 2 2017
  • Re: How Can I Put This?

    [quote user="Andrew Baguley"] Here are samples of the graphs that could be produced: 1768.Jude Graphs.pdf . I hope each tells its own story. Here is a short analysis showing how the data could be used: 1447.Jude Analysis.docx . The tables of summary data would be automatically generated. [/quote] (I only looked at those two documents) I find it interesting
    Posted to General by Rich DeRuiter on Sat, Aug 26 2017
  • Re: Is There any chance that Denominations and Theological tagging will make it into Logos 8?

    [quote user="Phil Gons (Faithlife)"]We've been discussing it internally and want to make sure we approach it in the right way. [/quote] IMHO, the group tagging project is overly detailed. As an example, I just opened one that is tagged "Denom. Stream: Pentecostal; Denomination: Assemblies of God; Theology: Believers' Baptism; Theology Charismatic; Theology
    Posted to Logos Desktop Beta by Rich DeRuiter on Thu, Aug 24 2017
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