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  • Using personal photos for backgrounds

    I was able to load a personal photo into PROCLAIM and would now like to use the photo for a "slide" background. Is there any way to add, edit and place text on a "slide" on your own photos? Thanks?
  • PBB sharing or PBB uploads

    Is there a plan to "host" PBB submissions? I could see this feature growing and becoming a very valuable asset to Logos 4 users. Maybe a whole separate associated website for submissions. With appropriate disclaimers for content and/or a fee to download a PBB submission, this could really be helpful. If this topic has already been discussed, would someone
    Posted to Logos 4 by Pastor Tim Elliott on Wed, Sep 14 2011
  • Logos app - iPad Manual or guide?

    Has anyone created a manual or guide for learning to use the Logos app on iPad? I am new to the Apple iPad and to the Logos app and can't quite figure it all out. Thanks!
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Pastor Tim Elliott on Thu, Mar 3 2011
  • Re: Exegetical Guide

    As a text doc: That is better... but the editing would be extensive on a longer section of several verses... as in sermon prep Compare this to my other post using Libronix for examples.
    Posted to General by Pastor Tim Elliott on Tue, Nov 9 2010
  • Re: Exegetical Guide

    I thank you for the pointer to the tools to customize the Exegetical guide... but here is what I had to work with in Libronix This is what it looks like in Word just pasted (without format) And with some quick formatting... I have this As you can see, the format is condensed and easy to refer to... Copying Logos 4 gets me this (almost useless because
    Posted to General by Pastor Tim Elliott on Tue, Nov 9 2010
  • Re: Exegetical Guide

    Thanks Graham for the info about Print/Export. That solves the export problem. I suppose the greater issue is what is exported. In Libronix the exegetical guide gave me a word by word breakdown of the passage that was not in a highly structured format and allowed for easy manipulation of the text in my Word document. Now in Logos 4 there is a bunch
    Posted to General by Pastor Tim Elliott on Mon, Nov 8 2010
  • Re: Exegetical Guide

    I have no difficulty copying an exegetical section from Libronix by highlighting and using my right button on my mouse to copy. Logos 4 is another beast altogether. It offers many more resources but I see no way to get the basic information that came up with a search in Libronix. I also cannot highlight and copy. Glad I still have the use of Libronix
    Posted to General by Pastor Tim Elliott on Sun, Nov 7 2010
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