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  • WOW - cross-translation highlighting via reverse interlinears!

    OK, Logos really impressed me just now. In the past I've only attached notes to Bible references, but not to specific words or phrases in the verse, in order to make sure my annotations would appear no matter which translation I happen to be using. Today I happened across a weird highlighted annotation in the NRSV that was split between several non
    Posted to Logos 8 by Bob Schaefer on Tue, Mar 12 2019
  • Re: Error in B90 reading plan

    Thanks, Bradley! The truth is that I did the B90 program with my congregation this summer, but only made it 3/4 of the way before life got the better of me. I'm wrapping up those last two weeks of reading on the better-late-than-never theory. :)
    Posted to Logos 8 by Bob Schaefer on Tue, Jan 15 2019
  • Re: Error in B90 reading plan

    It's one of the predefined reading plan documents.
    Posted to Logos 8 by Bob Schaefer on Mon, Jan 14 2019
  • Error in B90 reading plan

    There is an error in the Bible in 90 Days reading plan. Day 72 ends with Mark 15:20, but Day 73 begins incorrectly with Matthew 15:21 instead of Mark 15:21. No wonder I was having such a hard time getting past Day 73, and feeling like I was retracing my steps!
    Posted to Logos 8 by Bob Schaefer on Sat, Jan 12 2019
  • Re: Back button closes the app.....

    Yes, this behavior makes me crazy. I'm constantly closing the app because I expect the back button to take me to the screen (reaource) I was just viewing, or maybe to the home screen of Logos. If the back button is going to close the app, it should give a warning - see the Sync client for Reddit for a good example of using the back button in an Android
    Posted to Logos Mobile App (Old) by Bob Schaefer on Thu, Dec 6 2018
  • Date picker

    Can we please have a standard calendar-style date picker for calendar-based resources? It's silly to have to consult a separate calendar to determine the needed date and then manually type that date into a text box to navigate a lectionary.
    Posted to Logos 8 by Bob Schaefer on Tue, Nov 20 2018
  • Single column scrolling, please

    I like columns for readability, and I like having them set automatically if the pane is wide enough to need it. I understand that a horizontal, page-turning interaction makes sense in those cases. But when the auto-columns algorithm determines a pane is narrow enough for a single column, that column should scroll. Scrolling is the most useful method
    Posted to Logos 8 by Bob Schaefer on Sat, Nov 3 2018
  • Re: Touch Screen Support Still Missing

    What is most aggravating to me about the current implementation of touch support is that it is so inconsistent. Resource scroll and swipe pretty well. The home page, search results, reports, etc. do not support touch at all (except by tapping/dragging scrollbars). As a user, it forces me to keep track of what parts of the interface I can control with
    Posted to Logos 8 by Bob Schaefer on Sat, Nov 3 2018
  • Re: Microsoft Surface Pro

    My advice is to get as much as you can afford. Your Logos library will only ever grow. The index also takes up an awful lot of space. Even though the Surface is able to accept micro SD cards, you won't be able to use those for your Logos library. They just run too slow and weren't designed for the kind of intensive disk access that this Bible software
    Posted to General by Bob Schaefer on Thu, Nov 1 2018
  • Re: NEW: Day by Day We Magnify You: Daily Readings for the Entire Year on PrePub

    I'm really grateful to have this in Logos. I'm a little disappointed that it's not keyed to the lectionary, though. To use it as a daily devotional as intended, the reader needs to manually browse to the appropriate reading, since they are structured around the liturgical calendar. It would be marvelous if this functionality could be added in future
    Posted to Lutheran Products by Bob Schaefer on Tue, Apr 17 2018
  • Seach query help - find same chapter/verse combo in all books?

    How can I formulate a search query to return the same chapter/verse in each book of the Bible, i.e., Gen 1:1, Ex 1:1, etc.?
    Posted to General by Bob Schaefer on Fri, Feb 2 2018
  • Re: Universal Windows App on Community Pricing

    A properly developed UWP app could support both Windows tablets (the primary market), phones (not so relevant anymore, due to developers like Faithlife treating the platform like a redheaded stepchild), and as an alternative on laptops and desktops to the full Logos application. The unfortunate demise of Windows Phone does not make the request for a
    Posted to Windows Store Apps by Bob Schaefer on Thu, Nov 30 2017
  • Uservoice vs. this forum?

    I'd appreciate a clarification whether this board or the Uservoice site is Faithlife's preferred method of documenting user suggestions. If Uservoice is the way to go, then it would make sense to have a sticky post in this board saying so and offering links to the relevant Uservoice URLs.
    Posted to Suggestions by Bob Schaefer on Sat, Oct 8 2016
  • Re: Look for updated Lectionary resources on October 17

    Many thanks!
    Posted to General by Bob Schaefer on Fri, Oct 7 2016
  • Add lectionaries to link set with calendar devotionals

    I have a custom devotional layout that opens the RCL Daily on top and my devotional below. The devos can all be linked since the use the calendar date data type. But the RCL can't be linked to them, and always opens to the date that was open when the layout was last saved. So, two requests: Please enable linking for these resource types. Please allow
    Posted to Suggestions by Bob Schaefer on Wed, Oct 5 2016
  • Re: Provide a Show 'New To Me' selection for all multiple book collections

    Yes, please!
    Posted to Suggestions by Bob Schaefer on Tue, Oct 4 2016
  • Re: Sources for Lutheran books.

    [quote user="James Myers"] It is an important issue, regardless of what some say, and I am NOT willing to compromise my principles. [/quote] James, You're clearly free to buy whatever resource you like from whatever publishing house. No one has suggested you violate your principles. But I'm not clear what LCMS principle would be violated if you dug
    Posted to Lutheran Products by Bob Schaefer on Mon, Oct 3 2016
  • Re: Dear Lutheran manager ...

    One more me-too for the NL.
    Posted to Lutheran Products by Bob Schaefer on Thu, Sep 29 2016
  • Re: Sources for Lutheran books.

    Could we please be done complaining about my church body now? As has been pointed out, this really isn't the place. James, it's a shame you're not open to the resources from Augsburg and Fortress Press, since they are not as monolithic as you imagine them. There's some really great stuff there. You've got Bonhoeffer, Wright, Brueggemann, Wengert, Forde
    Posted to Lutheran Products by Bob Schaefer on Thu, Sep 29 2016
  • Re: Suggestion: Show community rating on product page

    [quote user="MJ. Smith"] I don't know if it is still true, but many of us do/used to use the library rating to indicate things other than rating such as new, want to read, read, untagged at least in the past, the rating wasn't meaningful. [/quote] Oh. Shoot. On the one hand, my hat's off to the clever Logos users who find ways of hacking the program
    Posted to by Bob Schaefer on Thu, Sep 29 2016
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