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  • Full Page Advance

    Hey All! I have recently been using the Logos Web App and am very grateful for this new offering from Logos. It's great! I did notice one slight difference between the web app and the interface on On Biblia you can advance one whole page by hitting the space bar. This is the same in Logos' actual software. That is not currently an optio
    Posted to Logos 8 Web App by Jeremy Van Sant on Tue, Jan 8 2019
  • A thought on sets being made available as single volumes...

    Hi All! I recently began a new study on the book of Philippians. I called Logos three weeks ago looking for some further information on a few resources. On that call, I asked about the Reformed Expository Commentary and wondered whether it could be made available as a single volume purchase. I was told no, which was fine. I subsequently purchased a
    Posted to General by Jeremy Van Sant on Thu, Jun 4 2015
  • Re: Meet and Greet (plus sale)

    1. My name is Jeremy Van Sant 2. My wife and I have recently moved to Le Roy, NY 3. Pastor 4. 27 5. I have been using Logos for 10 years this September 6. I love my commentaries (Kistemaker, Lenski, Boice, Simeon, Pink, etc.) . And I love my collection of Tozer. 7. Sermon preparation 8. Shooting hoops of course! 9. I was a back up singer for Steve Green
    Posted to General by Jeremy Van Sant on Tue, Jun 14 2011
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