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  • Re: Android 6: How to move Logos resources to SD without root

    Yeah, Logos needs to get this right, after all the hundreds to thousands of dollars spent on building a library and upgrades, this is a must for Logos to make the capability of storing the resources library to the SD card on android machines. I already know of longtime Logos users now moving to other applications. The work around described by another
    Posted to Android Apps by Pendeta on Sun, Oct 23 2016
  • Re: Can Resources Download to an SD Card?

    I agree! I have been a logos cx since version 1 and have spent a similarly a large investment in scholar pack, additional books, bibles, commentaries, uprades and to not have the ability to put books on the sd card is rediculous. There are now many other digital works, programs out there now at a lot less money. Looks like you Logos/Faithlife could
    Posted to Android Apps by Pendeta on Sun, May 8 2016
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