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  • Group Bible Study with Remote Family Members

    Will I be able to use FaithLife to conduct a group Bible study with my sons and their wives who are 1800 miles from me? If so, how do I use it (and/or the FL community) to facilitate that activity?
    Posted to Faithlife Study Bible by Oke on Tue, Jul 17 2012
  • Re: iPad or Mac Air if $$$ Not an Issue?

    [quote user="Michael Childs"] I have over 2100 books downloade to my iPad. [/quote] I am considering the 64 gig iPad 3 for my Silver edition Logos 4. I do a weekly SS lesson using Silver Logos 4 on an HP laptop (which is getting long-in-the-tooth) by building an MS Word document with verses followed by the text of cross references, word studies and
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Oke on Mon, May 21 2012
  • Re: One Year Bible Reading Plan

    I am called "Oke" pronounced "Oak." Thank you, Steve! Shortly after my post, I was nosing around in the menus and noticed that I could edit the "Read ESV in a Year" device. I then changed the format to OT, NT, Ps, Prov and was transported once more by the power of Logos 4! It seems every time I poke around in how-to-do-things in Logos 4, I find new
    Posted to Suggestions by Oke on Tue, Jan 18 2011
  • One Year Bible Reading Plan

    I like the one year Bible reading plan in such publications as " The NKJV Daily Bible: Read the Entire Bible in One Year " which organizes the Bible into daily selections from the OT, Ps, Prov, and NT. It is much easier to complete the daily readings since all items are readily at hand. Is it possible to provide such a reading plan in Logos 4?
    Posted to Suggestions by Oke on Tue, Jan 18 2011
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